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After researching differnt features of MVS i discovered they are broken into 3 differnt catergories:


Illustartional Videos

Although these are quite common and can be effective, some may argue that it is too simple and leaves no room for creativity. I believe this type of video is effective as it creates entertainment for the audience which means they will want to watch this type of video repeatedly.

This is the most common way of explaining the narrative; in which music videos use a set of images to simply illustrate the meaning in what the song is saying. It gives the audience a visual image of the audio they are listening to, as if they are watching a mini-film.This video demonstrates the tense struggle between two people in a relationship.Are songs that the written lyrics lituarlly and develop these words into an narrative for a lyrical journey. This is called visualisation. This is considered as the basic technique. Although this can be quite popular many critics believe that this is too simple and not very creative.

A good example of this is EMINEM’S ‘LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE’


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