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Dance and Skills June 26, 2011

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I have drew up a shortlist and downloaded moves for all my actors which i want them to perform.I then had them both discuss whether or not if they could realistically pull off these moves. A mixture of past MVS and adverts and gymnatic techniques i have seen that I want to feature in my dance off, to put the audince in awww and asscoiate my video with the song.

Basic but cool moves that will look effective on camera.

STANDING BACKFLIP: All of my mates can perform this skill at different standards and height so this will feature sevarl times in my video at variouse heights and times to match teh high speed tempo. The ‘NORM’ in any CHRIS BROWN video or dance routine this is a vital component to break dancing, and will incraese my video’s realism to my audience.

HEADSPIN:  However after consorting with my friends and relentless practising and teasign we discovered that no one could perform this trick so this move will not be in my video, i did choose this move becasue of its diifculty and imagery pleasure however its not a major loss.


TUMBLING: This routine is great for my entrance and confronation of teh tow groups it will allow my dancers to burst onto the scene and give the audience an idea of teh videos content expectaion. 2 of my friends can perfrom these moves addign for better camera affect and realism.


TREE FLIP: A very good, eye cathcing move that will put teh audience in aww however needs to be realsitically performed on a diffent surface that features in teh skatepark. My mate can perform this on any non slip vertical surface adding to its effectiveness. This skill will be best captures usign 2 cameras to shoot teh take off and the underside of the turn.



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The first thing a director needs to choose before costume or routines is the location so i studied several area which would eb suitable for my idea of a dance off.




 Nearby and plenty of space                          Dangerouse with pot holes
 Skilled visitors and co-opertaive                          **********************
 Range of skills and ages                            *********************




 Good apparaatus for plenty of moves                          Tiny not enough room
 Skilled performers                                Distant from crew
 *****************                     Dont know any of visitors




 Huge open space, perfect atmosphere      Far away, difficulty if needing refilming
 Highly skilled performer   Busy,hard to film dance sequence safely
                 Dangerouse flooring for dancer


I have decided to have my main narrative location of the dance-off in EYE SKATEPARK becasue of its easy access and praticalicty of being local and knowign all the local skaters etc. This location will allows my dancers to perform and also the sakters becuase of hteir familiarity of the appartus. However not all of my video will be filmed in this location, scatterd throguhout my video will be the same social groups performign all around P’BORO areas such as TOWN PARK and TOWN CENTRE.

This has helped becasue by studying teh different enviroments with my dancing friends they can determine what moves could and could not be performed in certain areas. They decifered in teh end that EUE SKATEPARK was more accessible for flips and stunts, becasue the fixtures range in height and density with plenty of space to land them and camera to film then from differnt angles.



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This video has had sensational reviews since its recent immergence on the television advery for LUCOZADE when a bunch of young skaters show of there tricks within  a american styled skate park, which i will eveolve into a dance battle also concernign BMXs and Street dancers. They are portayed within a lareg range of camera shots such as teh classic close up to show teh move’s intensity and also long shots to show teh specatcular, mid shots are used upon teh moves that feature large body moevements so teh audience can see teh whole tecnique and appreciateits difficulty.

This Disjucnstional video has a perfect build up to it and then blacts into its chorus which rasies teh tempo for teh rest of the song which will support my dancers perfectly as theer moves are spectatcular form the get go allowing teh music to support the dancings intensity. Although in teh end when teh tempo slowens and moments in teh chorus i will be playing FLIPS in slow motion to eat up a few seconds also to please teh audience with teh dancer’s skills

In terms of representation they are dressed in normal skating gear and summer clothes the same will be for my video as it gives teh sense of realism.

By studying this video i have discovered ways of capturing stylish moves effectively on camera. This is helpful as i had the idea of having street dancers and gymnasts dancing off against skaters and bmx’ers by combining these bunch of cultures being pitted against each other in this friendly encounter will attract the interest of a large interest group.


Song Choice & Storyboarding June 25, 2011

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After reviewing all my research and personal opinions i have choosen to pick LOUDER by DJ FRESH a song in the DANCE & DISCO genre because of its free range disjunctional video and because I had thE emmedient dancing sequence idea in my head. Due to the increased popularity of dancing sequences especially street dancing made famouse on ITV’s BGT, DIVERSITY & SPEEL BOUND, that feature in modern day MVS i have plenty of resources to compare to.

Below is my storyboard of ideas:

I will have my actor walking into teh skatepark and pull this move in the middle of the park and the title will pull into his body which ill do on Vegas this is symbolsing the beginning of the video. This move can become more polished and really appeal to the audience due to its difficulty.



This is a simplistic move however i plan to have another actor jumping through his legs doing a flip or tuc makign it impressive to the audienxcec and gain this will help my video burst into the chorus where the main moves will be performed. 











This again maybe a simple move but will help with teh build up in my video this move can be done multiple time but from different angles nad people the movecan be adapted and teduim will be prevented. By using multiple shots and angles and slow motion adde teh move can match the qaulity of the original



This move when doen in sow motion this move is a great filler between shots and a time waster effectively. This is a basic move that everuyone can do.





                                                                                      This move is extremely impressive and technically difficult, this can be performed on only a few apparatus in the skatepark as this move needs to be on a verticle rough surface but my actor will do this on the JUMPBOX and do well in my introduction. 




                                                                                      This is more for comical effect for the ending part of my video just like LMFAO videos just ties the end of the video showing its a fun process. This move can be done in time with the beat building tension.



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After reviewing my video questionnaire on which dance music video do you find teh most interesting these names below kept coming up so now I research adn analysis this videos for ideas that could feature in mine. I will review camera angles and dance routines as well as costuming.


  • LOVE IN THIS CLUB by Usher (Disco & R’N’B)
  • PARTY ROCK by LMFAO (Disco & HipHop)
  • YEAH 3x by Chris Brown (HipHop& Dance)



[4:40+] By watching IN THIS CLUB i can see how a large scale dance scene can be framed but still keep attention on every dancer not just the lead role. Also what range of shots are perfect for fast editing e.g. close up to a sideways shot to show the whole crew. This song has a staedy tempo throughout and the isolated beats are a keystone to many of USHER;s moves from teh chest pop to the shuffling. The use of lighting is brilliant becasu eof teh video’s location of a night club. The costuming of teh ast is authentic as they are all dressed differntly in clubbing gear and adds to teh aumbience of teh piece.

  • Fast Cuts
  • Strobe lighting
  • Close ups of usher dancing
  • Wide shots to show dance sequences




Lays out a clear narrative which unfolds to the audience preventing boredom i will find this useful because my song is in the same genre and  ideaology. Also the dancing itself helps alot as i now have authentic moves which my actors can mimic to its my MVS realism. Representation in this feature will help me dress my actors without realistic clothing then my audience will not find my MVS effective.

  • Lighting effects
  • Close ups of dancers
  • Smoking effects
  • Loads of extras
  • Narrative based



[2:45+] Upon wathcing this video ive learnt how to smoothly transist between shots of the same movement, the skill of using several cameras to catch flips which will be in my film, effectively. Also the idea of filming random crowd scenes and irrelevant dance moves, even if its away from the main action. And also the dance moves themselves and how they are captures through mid shots and close ups on feet.

  • Fast cuts
  • Close ups of Chris Brown doing flips
  • Narrative based
  • Plenty of lighting

Music Video’s Technical Aspects

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I decided to delve into the tecnical world of music video production and planning and hopefully will enable me to further my understanding and imporve my own project.


The mise en scene of the music video is vital in any music video. It needs to maintain authenticity to look professional becasue it needs to attratc the viewers attention and subliminally casue them to buy the single or the album.


The speed and timing of the cutting is often in time to the beat to enhance verisimilitude and adds to teh music videos overall  qaulity. Beats are very much involved with the camera work and editing, as well as the rhythm of the song itself.







For example if there is a slow beat song, then the camera work and cutting would mimic the beats in most cases, to create verisimilitude. However in the case of many BLACK EYED PEAS MVS .the camear only hold a shot for half a second to match teh beat.

Camera Work

This stage is before the editing stage before editing all of teh footage must of been taken and arrange. Many music videos use a complex mix of camera angles and movements as a way to engage their audience.  The more successful camera movements are excecuted, the more immersive the music video is, and therefore the more likely the viewers will feel entertained.

Montage Editing

The process in which the film is simply edited together, gathering unrelated clips of film and compiling them in a sequence of logical order to enhance the clips specific meaning; they may be entirely unrelated however the editor can create the illusion they are related clips through the use of montage editing. Montage editing uses mainly close-ups, superimposition, fades and fast cuts and jump cuts to portray a professional effect. ‘Intellectual montage’ can be used to represent an idea through juxtaposing and repeating certain clips, to result in an underlying meaning.


This is when every comes together and effects are displayed and also when the track is fiannlly played to teh movements.Generally the attempt to use post production affects is to establish a strong visual style, for example ‘sexy’ artists, due to the fact that music videos represent the growing trend value ‘Style over substance’,

Editing can turn even the most rubbish of footage into spectacular ones, using software such as Final Cut, and techniques such as the colour grading tools to enhance quality. Speed of beats and cutting is also part of editing, and often match the visual image perfectly to achieve a high standard, and these aspects will often reflect that of the rhythm of the song.

Lighting & Colour

This aspect also ties into MeS and play a significant role in determing and reinforcign genre to teh audience. For example a pop video will have bright lighting to enagage a younger audeinces attention e.g. in KATY PERRY ‘Californian Girl’ loads of PINK is used to catch teh attention of teh viewer.

On the other hand, more ‘depressing’ style music such as EMINEM ‘STAN’ use darker colour and lighting to keep the dull atmosphere and show teh sinister style narrative the producer is trying to portray through lighting and the  lyrics.





Another aspect to lighting and colour is to set the tone of a particular part of the song. For example, if the colours are neutral blues and yellows with strong lighting it could mean that passion is trying to be portrayed, where as if the colours are bright reds and oranges, it could portray a bubbly and fun atmosphere. Lighting and colour also has relations with setting and characterisation.


Setting and characterisation in a video can set the atmosphere whihc is supported my lighting and colour. 90% of the time setting conforms alongside with teh narrative’s lyrics, however sometimes in disjunctional videos thi sis ignored

For example if the music video is set outside on a street  with hoods and dark clothing , it can portray violence or death; as shown in AKON ‘LOCKED UP’ set in a prison cell. Compared to a house party like BEP ‘I gotta Feeling’ with bright lights and plenty of high heels sets the mood as fun and happy.

Characterisation will often display the artist themselves due to the fact they will want to create a star image for promotional reasons, however the concept of the characterisation could change. For example in EMINEM’S ‘STAN’ music video, Shady is dressed as himself and a double to show his past obsession with himself and others to complete the look to a very high standard to engage the audience and provide entertainment.


What to do?

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I videod a focus group on kids in school and asked them what video should I do? and by engaging there reaction along with my questionnaire answers i will be able to mold a perfect song with content that is wanted by teh majoirty of my target audience.

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