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Filming- Beginning July 8, 2011

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Afetr rigourously listening to LOUDER and different versions and calaberations of it to get a visaul idea of what to film for certain beats. Also upon finishing my storyboard and location report alongside my synopsis i will know begin to construct my video.

I will be using a SONY HA HANDYCAM HDR-SR12E the mostcommon type of camera in our media department its features consists of:

  • Fulla Hd capabilities
  • ClearVid CMOS which cuts out loud background noise and also low sensitivity for light
  • BIONZ high-speed processor
  • 12x Optocal Zoom
  • Staedy Shot stabiliser
  • Face and smile detection
  • 1o Mega Pixel still photo lense.


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Loose narrative with DISJUNCTIONAL aims.

Bikers text Dancers to meet in Skatepark to show off skills and find a clear winner, this will be a clash in culture and how these differnt groups can come over diversity and practise together.


Dancers practising on cliche cardboard box when  they receive a text from an known number but mysterous to teh audience. Then run and dance there to give an indication into the video. They apporach the skatepark and lay down a olden CD player and press play in a close up then the music will play.


It begins off slow then bursts into drum and bass and the chorus then the 2 groups will make there way onto teh half-pipe where the main narrative will take, then the dancers will start off with basic moves and build up with teh tempo, following that the bikers will be shot all around teh park in retaliation with tehir skillers.


Back to the dancers performign flips and dances on teh bikers equipment symbolising an invasion and dominance beginning a mini peacful gang war bewteen teh groups. Then breaking back into the chorus teh bikers will peform their best tricks along to teh beat, i will ensure timing of teh skills and tempo remain perfect by playing the track whilst they are practising.


Everyone will perform on the half-pipe together infront of the GRAFFITTI wall which will be my still shot for my POWERFUL IMAGE for teh cover of my digi-pack. and as teh music begins to die off instead of cutting i will have bikers trying to copy dancers for comical effect similiar to tPAIN trying to copy CHRIS BOWN body shuffling.


Groups mix and have a classic round 1 round 2 style of dance off, they perform simples and they repeat then finally big tricks come and and tyr to out do each other. No lip-synching will be used because it would be hard to work in and be errelevant to my MVS anywhere.


Moves & Skills – (Used in Original Video) July 4, 2011

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By researching the moves that are used in the original video the same moves that astonished its audience in the advert originally I will be able to construct my video using similiar skills and further develope the moves will increase the effectiveness of my video wow factor. This classic ankle hold is a good way to introduce the video just as the advert did a simplistic miove however still effective and can be adapted to a more complex move.

This an astonishing move when i questioned people on what was the  most amazing move in the video a large majoirty answered the sideways skate board it will be interesting if wether i can find someone who can effcetivley copy this move and dadpt it further for my Music video. Also looking at how this move is shot, it becomes a powerful image by standign by himself and shortly cuts to a close up to show teh complexity of teh move.                                                                                                                                    

The spinning skate boader is a brilliant move to keep up with teh fast tempo of teh song by using teh beats rythm this move can become effective when building into teh chorus and burst into teh main narrative i will try and find a person who may be able to use this move to help do what ive discribe above.

The would be great for my ending part of my video when both cultures unite so i could have a dancer/gymnasts using the bikers equipment to show the unity between the 2 groups who’s initial intent was to one up each other. This move is perfectly framed by using a long shot here like they do this enables the viewer to identify the skills requirements and also by using the natural lighting of the sun fits perfectly with this Californian Suburban street crew narrative.

This is a simplistic but daring move i will use this move becasue just as in teh original advert its played in slow motion a convention i will up hold beacsue it takes up time and also teh beauty and complexity of some moves can only be appreciated in slow motion to capture the synthaesisic pleasure.

After discussion with my friends no one can perform this skill however again my gymnasts believe they could perform this whilst wearing skates so fingers crossed because again this move is an awwing skill and when i watched the video I thought that was “amazing”