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Final Product October 21, 2011

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Filming diary – 22nd onwards October 18, 2011

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Day 1 – Me and Luis walked into town park  to see if would could link a progressive narrative through our town and finish in the multi-story, when we arrived and scouted the area we soon deiscovered that linking the 2 locations which are more than a mile away and far different composition of features and lighting we soon said that we should just stick to our original idea of the car park. Then going to the car park to scout ideas and filming a few practise shots with our camera so we could identify what shots would work in what enviorment and how i could effectively capture the imagery.

Day 2 –  Today we walked into the car park at 7:00 am hoping to avoid the morning rush of a trading morning so we filmed the roof scenes as it was clear skies whilst the rest of teh day was forcecasted for rain. We then filmed the running sequence when luis runs up 5 floors this was key we did this now as when the car park began to fill people would be occupying this area.

Day 3 – Today we filmed the opening sequence when Luis appears under the bridge and runs towards the multi story, establishing the narrative and where the MVS is heading. This toward 1 whole hour just beacsue of the sheer pedestrain traffic under these 2 bridges where people where commuting.

Day 4 – Rain had hit hard whilst we were on our way to town so we sat in the car park and just planned our next shots because of the health and safety hazards that it imposed on Luis whilst he was running an flipping

Day 5 – (Final Day) – Wedenesday morning equipped with a new HD camera and Craig one of my friends to aid me in expanding a more effective narrative. We decided to refilm everything after previewing the quality on Luis’ iPAD so we set about refilming the entire sequence again but this time will craig pursuing aftr witnessing a meeting betweeen me and Luis. We then decided to film the closing scenes as it looked as it was about to rain so we settled on a fight scene whilst using gymnastic features such as flips etc. We were complete, now just to edit the 112 clips and 4 hours of footage on SONY VEGAS.


Due to the dangerouse conditions with the slippery surface combined with the slick tarmacing of the car park we decided it was far too dangerouse for luis to be running and climbing up rough surfaces such as the walls and pillars. We attempted to perform some of the  more  basic moves in my piece however Luis trippped and injuries himself so we decided rather than wasting the day we would just imagine of the filming  the sequence instead

Also the fact 2 out of the 4 parted multi story car park was under construction we had to run between car parks and dodge construction sites inorder ro film teh intact parts of the car park. This dangerouse as i was runnign whilst filmign constantly lookign down the camera’s lense and having trippped several times i stopped and had to clear debri and pieces of material away from stairs etc. Also many doors were locked and barracaded due to construction so Luis was runnign into door or into corridors with no wall or light fixtures dangling from cieling.

Parked cars are always dangerouse becasue whilst Luis is running motorists dont so on a few occasion i was constantly lookign out for cars and having to shout “CAR” to warn luis so filmign was slow as we had to start on level 1 so every car leaving and entering interupted filming. Also whilst we were running past cars they were pulling out of their bays again anoth danger.


Audience Feedback October 3, 2011

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ROUGH EDIT September 30, 2011

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I put together a rough edit using a simple programme MOVIE MAKER to show my teacher a basic outline of my piece and my shot capability and so I myself could see what did and didnt work and what needed to be refilmed:

By watching I decided upon asking my peers to review and determine what is needed to make it more appealing. Above is their suggestions and examples where improvement can be made to improve my films creditability.

By using this audience feedback i can make my music video into a more appealign art form in which my raget audience furtherly enjoy and increasing my music videos mark, although i will not take everything on board this is a great  system in which i can get more opinions into my work because i directed this by myself only my input was used so fresh ideas are always welcomed.



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Costume is very important in any visual media type beacsue it makes the scene believable if in “DOCTORS” and all the actors are in jeans  the Mise-en-Scene would be poor and the audience will not find it believable. My actor Luis decided upon himself what he would wear and below is what he’s wearing and why:

<SHIRT> Luis wore a Parcour logo’d shirt to tie in with the whole theme of the song and narrative, the colour red was to illustrate his skill level and the fact red would be a great contrasting colour against the dull background of an early Peterborough morning.

<JOGGERS>  He choose to wear these as they were comfortable and prevents any grazing on the legs whilst climbing rough surfaces. Also these are the attire worn by professional Free-Runners becasue of the above reasons.

<TRAINERS> These trainers that are officially worn and endorse by and free-runners beacsue of their shock adsorbers and spring step features, So when Luis climbs and flips is chance of injury is reduced.



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This location is perfect for my song and allows Luis to show a range of skills and effectively get our narrative across. The fact that this area gives us a range of different levels, heights and surfaces that allows for far more movemnt and creativity for Luis is a bonus and much better than the idea of starting in the park. However this enviroment is dark and dingy because the 2 of the 4 part multi story is under reconsturction and maintainance the older parts that we filmed in were dirty and dimmly lite, So colour grading will have to be dones later on in the editing process.


SYNOPSIS July 8, 2011

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Loose narrative with DISJUNCTIONAL aims.

Bikers text Dancers to meet in Skatepark to show off skills and find a clear winner, this will be a clash in culture and how these differnt groups can come over diversity and practise together.


Dancers practising on cliche cardboard box when  they receive a text from an known number but mysterous to teh audience. Then run and dance there to give an indication into the video. They apporach the skatepark and lay down a olden CD player and press play in a close up then the music will play.


It begins off slow then bursts into drum and bass and the chorus then the 2 groups will make there way onto teh half-pipe where the main narrative will take, then the dancers will start off with basic moves and build up with teh tempo, following that the bikers will be shot all around teh park in retaliation with tehir skillers.


Back to the dancers performign flips and dances on teh bikers equipment symbolising an invasion and dominance beginning a mini peacful gang war bewteen teh groups. Then breaking back into the chorus teh bikers will peform their best tricks along to teh beat, i will ensure timing of teh skills and tempo remain perfect by playing the track whilst they are practising.


Everyone will perform on the half-pipe together infront of the GRAFFITTI wall which will be my still shot for my POWERFUL IMAGE for teh cover of my digi-pack. and as teh music begins to die off instead of cutting i will have bikers trying to copy dancers for comical effect similiar to tPAIN trying to copy CHRIS BOWN body shuffling.


Groups mix and have a classic round 1 round 2 style of dance off, they perform simples and they repeat then finally big tricks come and and tyr to out do each other. No lip-synching will be used because it would be hard to work in and be errelevant to my MVS anywhere.