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HomePage Research January 3, 2012

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i have decided on reviewing SKRILLEX’s web site as this is my favourite artist at present i have drew up a list and screen grabs of every component his page uses and described its effectiveness i will then put this resaerch into my own page and compare the two to see if i have created a realistic page that can attract fans etc.

1) Logo

This again helps the mental branding when the public see this image they refer to the band/artist. Also creating awareness.

2) Tour Dates

Builds awareness and HYPE giving fans the ability to see their favourite artist etc these concerts are the largest revenue stream and is what makes the artist(s) their money.

3) New Video

Creating a buzz of a new song by using a viral advert and again making the audience take notice or new material and by putting it next to the discography fans are more likely to click on them and become a further fan.

4) Shopping

Additional Revenue Stream, again when fans are wearing their merchandise create awareness and a more physical form of advertising.

5) Contact Us

Allowing contact with the artist(s) reinforces this fictional emotional tie from fan to singer. When this reaches capacity like in the 80’s such as the OSMANS etc an extremely loyal and diverse fan based is achieved along with recognition and success.



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I will show you the same features i illustrated from SKRILLEX’s page so mine can be compared to show its realistic authenticity. I have effectively taken in my research and used it on my page inorder to make it appear as a real badn homepage despite it lacking a little details i feel it shows eevrything that is essentail, contact info, my video, gallery etc if i had a greater ability or i worked in a group then our abilities may have had a greater affect upon and gotten me a greater mark.

1) LOGO – ( The logo of nero makes their fans visiting my site synominous with the fact its nero based and the parcour logo immediently alerts followers what my videos about and whats to be expected. My logo features on every page).

2) HUB BAR – ( This allows the visitor to easy see whats avaliable on every page and only requires one click to navigate to this page, Along with the logo above it the same formatted and sized bar is used at the top of every page so confusion is not caused. My HUB bar is a simple grey scaled, circled button feature that requires a single click)

3) TOUR DATES – (Tour dates are needed inorder to entice the visitor to see when their idol is in teh local area and go see the magic live. Tour dates need to be connected to a link feature where they can be bought and reviewed along with the venues site to see seat locations. Also dates need to be illustrated accurately to avoid confusion.)

4) NEW VIDEO – ( My video features clearly and stands alone on the left hand-side of my page so people are entice to click on it, widening my chances of success and exposure to my audience. By placing my video on my site if existing fans enjoy the song they may view the video or new fans may listen to teh discography i have also feature on my site and decide to look at one of the two videos i have put up.)

5) SHOPPING Р( Along with my checkout features when you purchase an item the total adds ups correctly and when clicked on you can change sizes, colours and even what you want printing on a shirt. Along with shipping details this is the most complex feature of my website.)

6) CONTACT US – ( Despite me leaving out TWITTER etc. I feel my contact us pad is suffecient enough to tick that particular box for my component list. I have also incorporated prize competition onto my contact feature inorder to incraese the likelihood of responces. Also to recreate the realism of other pages when they offer VIP passes awarded by purchasing, listening to certain features.)

7) GALLERY – ( My gallery illustrates live performances along with logos and band member head shots inorder to allow the fans to famaliarate themselves with the band, also advertising the excitement and enjoyment of their live performances enticing the site visitors and fans to buy tickets that are on the next page)

My homepage ressembles that of a real page because i have used many a feature of other pages have despite the interactive TWITTER and FACEBOOK feeds as i couldnot work out how to accurately and correctly construct sed links.


My peers have had plenty a positive comments firstly it works and all the links work. Along with my checkout features when you purchase an item the total adds ups correctly and when clicked on you can change sizes, colours and even what you want printing on a shirt. Along with shipping details this is the most complex feature of my website.