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Digi-Pack Types October 21, 2011

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There are 10 main types of digi-pack designes that artists can choose from:


Simple and effective technique and cheap to produce, linked to elegancy and beautiful and also promiscuous. Typical for Band singles


Using real life images taken from a still camera giving a powerful affect, screen shot of actual video.


Adds depth and meaning to a cover a convention of a band cover.


Very popular amongst solo artists on single tracks, this helps fan to put a face to a song giving an emotional
attachment. amongst


Cheapest to produce however they are border lined between fantastic and boring by critics.


“Clean & Elegant” cannot be subcategorized by looking below you can see why.


All the covers focus is upon the image represented on the front of the Digi-pack


A drawing or a still photo that is edited to make it pop of the cover normally animated in order to reinforce the song’s persona.


Self explanatory a image that is drawn by the artist manually and is one of the techniques that is booming gin the tweens era.


Similar to image based, it’s an example of powerful typography which can be extremely effective


This research has been useful as now i can deteremine for myself what is the best technique for me having research what genres go for what style i can put into use. Straight away im ruling out hand drawn as i cannot draw and also manipulation as i feel this wil not match my song and confuse the audience. Early on I am drawn to the BLACK & WHITE matching with the POWER IMAGERY approach:

Here are some early results from using thE screen grab technique on SONY VEGAS:

In conclusion i have decided to choose to use POWERFUL IMAGERY in BLACK AND WHITE  method of design because I feel that a still shot  from my actual piece is the best way to sum up my video because in one shot the audience can see what my video is all about and by putting it into black and white grain it adds depth and mystery to my piece. Also putting a drak affect on to picture gives it a more ‘COOL’ sensation. So now I will draw up a shortlist of screen shots above and determine what is the best one.


Digi-Pack Icons

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The most infamous Digi-pack designer I could discover was HIPGNOSIS who produced work featuring PINK FLLOYD, ACDC and also GENESIS the biggest bands and artists of their own generations, HIPGNOSIS was a British based designer company. In 1968 Thorgerson & Powell designed PINK FLLOYD’s second album “A saucerful of Secrets” this was their first product.

Upon its accomplishment and popularity the execs of PINK FLLOYD asked them again in 1973 designed their 3rd album cover, and the most famous album cover “ The Dark side of the Moon”

After this huge surge of popularity it led to its plaudits of being hailed the best cover of all time and went on to design with bigger groups such as LED ZEPPLIN & BLACK SABBATH. The most amazing thing about them execs of client bands all said “they didn’t set a price I were asked to pay what we felt it was worth”. After researching their methods of producing these covers they mainly used photography-oriented techniques , and pioneered the use of many innovative visual and packaging techniques. In particular, Thorgerson & Powell manipulated photos; using darkroom tricks, multiple exposures, airbrush retouching, and mechanical cut-and-paste techniques.


Digi-Pack – Production Cycle

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Roughing: A designer will be choosenthe he/she will discuss and  listen to the band or performer, sit down and closely listen to the lyrics and its narrative and talk to the producers, the advertisers and the artist(s) themselves and then mind map. One final meeting is set up and ideas are narrowed into 2 or 3 based on theme and image.

Testing: Once the rough is accepted and budgeted by the marketing execs its prototype Is created which is scrutinized by critics and random samples of people and fellow designers. If a hit then the final models are created.

Shooting: A location is selected by the designer and execs and is normally booked for up to 10 hours due to uncertain weather conditions when outdoors. The artist is then modeled in a variety of clothes and positions. Any where up to 100 photos are taken to ensure re-shooting is not necessary as this is a costly process.

Editing: the best shots are chosen and played around with e.g. photoshop and air-brushing to make the image as perfect as possible.

Final touches or Art working sequences: Photos are further edited e.g. airbrushing, before the final image is handed over.


Every CD cover is the same width and height in every country even album covers except albums maybe thicker due to the double discs and also bonus booklets inside. The old vionel record had a template of 12.75″ X 12.75″. format this size was set inorder to prevent the lionel disc from falling out however they were predominately made out of hybrid 2.5 mil polypro/polyester film.

However, now that not soo much material is used every CD is now resided in a ABS plastic cover, the reason for this selection in plastic is due to the fact its cheap and easy to get hold of also its easy to mold and cool quickly allowing fast mass production in seconds Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene is the material used to print on the imagery and inside booklets.


Digi-Pack Objectives

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Upon the completion of my music video I now must construct my CD cover and digi-pack, which is a longer and more important process than many believe it is. It Is the most important part of the business side of the industry this is the biggest marketing tool alongside the video and song itself.

Def Jam Recordings owned by JAY-Z who has singers contracted such as ‘RHINANNA’ believe that this was original ‘”cases are a huge deal, its all about getting the cover correct to attract and engage the audience. “Its like advertising  the song in a word and a picture”.

However JAY-Z went on to say “They are becoming a lost art because of the digital age is growing uncontrollably” which led to many artist retiring or refusing to release new material because the INTERNET a unregulatable media force gavae birth the 1000’s of site allowing free download which led to LILLY ALLEN retire becasue the business can no longer be a living for new artists.

The average album costing £13.69 the artist will receive……………. however the average digital download on iTUNES for the same album cost averagly……………………… this huge difference puts a downer on the record labels and artist becuase of this digital service.

I saw EXAMPLE the rapper said on SOCCER AM a saturday morning football guest show he was qouted saying ” We dont make the huge bucks on cds or albums its the concerts and gigs we make our money, without a tour following a album the hype goes and so does all of the interest”

because according to this source:

America being the largest producing and selling cd country in the world, sales in 2010  album sales in the United States fell 12.8% to 326.2 million units from 373.9 million units in the prior year, as the sales of CDs fell by nearly 20% for the fourth year in a row. 

Digital album downloads fared better, posting 13% growth to 86.3 million from the 76.4 million scanned during 2009, accounting for nearly 26.5% of all U.S. album sales last year, according to SoundScan.(Backing up JAY-Z’s opinion)

  • To complete the advertisings objectives the CD cover must: attract fans attention, establish and hit target audiences, and most crucially increase the sales of the single or album
  •  I will research different  styles and the artists themselves who create them and discover why they are so important and how they affect a song’s popularity.

Final Product

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Filming diary – 22nd onwards October 18, 2011

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Day 1 – Me and Luis walked into town park  to see if would could link a progressive narrative through our town and finish in the multi-story, when we arrived and scouted the area we soon deiscovered that linking the 2 locations which are more than a mile away and far different composition of features and lighting we soon said that we should just stick to our original idea of the car park. Then going to the car park to scout ideas and filming a few practise shots with our camera so we could identify what shots would work in what enviorment and how i could effectively capture the imagery.

Day 2 –  Today we walked into the car park at 7:00 am hoping to avoid the morning rush of a trading morning so we filmed the roof scenes as it was clear skies whilst the rest of teh day was forcecasted for rain. We then filmed the running sequence when luis runs up 5 floors this was key we did this now as when the car park began to fill people would be occupying this area.

Day 3 – Today we filmed the opening sequence when Luis appears under the bridge and runs towards the multi story, establishing the narrative and where the MVS is heading. This toward 1 whole hour just beacsue of the sheer pedestrain traffic under these 2 bridges where people where commuting.

Day 4 – Rain had hit hard whilst we were on our way to town so we sat in the car park and just planned our next shots because of the health and safety hazards that it imposed on Luis whilst he was running an flipping

Day 5 – (Final Day) – Wedenesday morning equipped with a new HD camera and Craig one of my friends to aid me in expanding a more effective narrative. We decided to refilm everything after previewing the quality on Luis’ iPAD so we set about refilming the entire sequence again but this time will craig pursuing aftr witnessing a meeting betweeen me and Luis. We then decided to film the closing scenes as it looked as it was about to rain so we settled on a fight scene whilst using gymnastic features such as flips etc. We were complete, now just to edit the 112 clips and 4 hours of footage on SONY VEGAS.


Due to the dangerouse conditions with the slippery surface combined with the slick tarmacing of the car park we decided it was far too dangerouse for luis to be running and climbing up rough surfaces such as the walls and pillars. We attempted to perform some of the  more  basic moves in my piece however Luis trippped and injuries himself so we decided rather than wasting the day we would just imagine of the filming  the sequence instead

Also the fact 2 out of the 4 parted multi story car park was under construction we had to run between car parks and dodge construction sites inorder ro film teh intact parts of the car park. This dangerouse as i was runnign whilst filmign constantly lookign down the camera’s lense and having trippped several times i stopped and had to clear debri and pieces of material away from stairs etc. Also many doors were locked and barracaded due to construction so Luis was runnign into door or into corridors with no wall or light fixtures dangling from cieling.

Parked cars are always dangerouse becasue whilst Luis is running motorists dont so on a few occasion i was constantly lookign out for cars and having to shout “CAR” to warn luis so filmign was slow as we had to start on level 1 so every car leaving and entering interupted filming. Also whilst we were running past cars they were pulling out of their bays again anoth danger.


List of changes and corrections October 3, 2011

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My teachers and peers drew up a shortlist of ideas and things I needed to change and suggestion what would make it better I have since lost the sheet so i will bullet point them:

  • Colour grade – Some parts due to the early morning mist doesnt look professional & looks too dull and uninteresting
  • Change narrative – The narrative is weak and the shot of the text is too stational and a weak ending because you can only see ‘me’, the presumed antagonist once for several seconds.
  • Camera work – Parts of the video are too shakey, need to use tripod, or atleast cut out parts that are too unstable.
  • Editing – Too many shots are held for too long and create a teduis atmosphere whilst watching. Or too much insignificant footage breaksup otherwise a fast good quality piece of action. More close up are essential for a action piece to show emotion and slow motions woul dbe great to show the diificulty and signifcane of a move.
  • Timings – My footage and change in pace needs to intwine with the beat of my music, the featured example of this was Luis running on a bass drop then jogging into a wall climb, a slow movement whilst a drum roll was playing. So i need to sync my movements better in editing.

I will take all of this on board because i recognise this as my draft piece i knew there was plenty of corrections needed. I will now explain i will solve these problems.

  1. Colour grading is a technique tool available in SONY VEGAS when you can select frames and brighten or dim the images too make the film look evenly lighted even when filmed over different days and times, this is useful as I filmed over 3 days. This will help my work as the early morning light looks dingy when put onto computer which is the only time when people will view it.
  2. This is a key issue due to the fact I only had one runner, Luis, and i cannot perform parcour narrative was soley going to be on Luis. I agree harshly because the text is a weak form of narrative and the fact I’m only seen once in the film and does not really explain who i am or whats going on.
  3. This is very dificult to free hold a camera still as there is alot of movement a tripod is ineffective whilst chasing Luis and trying to manovuer up and down different levels and effectively the pace and energy of the movement. However, whilst refilming i will use the tripod when suitable and just edit the shakey parts out inorder to maintain the energy of the running sequences.
  4. I will add plenty of close ups and play around with affects in SONY VEGAS to increase the effectiveness of my video. By adding close ups it will break up the main narrative and any risk of holding a single shot for too long. Also filming plenty of alternative shots from variety of angles giving me more options to use whilst editing