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ROUGH EDIT September 30, 2011

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I put together a rough edit using a simple programme MOVIE MAKER to show my teacher a basic outline of my piece and my shot capability and so I myself could see what did and didnt work and what needed to be refilmed:

By watching I decided upon asking my peers to review and determine what is needed to make it more appealing. Above is their suggestions and examples where improvement can be made to improve my films creditability.

By using this audience feedback i can make my music video into a more appealign art form in which my raget audience furtherly enjoy and increasing my music videos mark, although i will not take everything on board this is a great  system in which i can get more opinions into my work because i directed this by myself only my input was used so fresh ideas are always welcomed.



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Costume is very important in any visual media type beacsue it makes the scene believable if in “DOCTORS” and all the actors are in jeans  the Mise-en-Scene would be poor and the audience will not find it believable. My actor Luis decided upon himself what he would wear and below is what he’s wearing and why:

<SHIRT> Luis wore a Parcour logo’d shirt to tie in with the whole theme of the song and narrative, the colour red was to illustrate his skill level and the fact red would be a great contrasting colour against the dull background of an early Peterborough morning.

<JOGGERS>  He choose to wear these as they were comfortable and prevents any grazing on the legs whilst climbing rough surfaces. Also these are the attire worn by professional Free-Runners becasue of the above reasons.

<TRAINERS> These trainers that are officially worn and endorse by and free-runners beacsue of their shock adsorbers and spring step features, So when Luis climbs and flips is chance of injury is reduced.



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This location is perfect for my song and allows Luis to show a range of skills and effectively get our narrative across. The fact that this area gives us a range of different levels, heights and surfaces that allows for far more movemnt and creativity for Luis is a bonus and much better than the idea of starting in the park. However this enviroment is dark and dingy because the 2 of the 4 part multi story is under reconsturction and maintainance the older parts that we filmed in were dirty and dimmly lite, So colour grading will have to be dones later on in the editing process.


Copyrighting September 20, 2011

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In order to produce this type of media text i which i intend to publish and show a wide audience via YOUTUBE a global browsing source so i must ask for teh permission of teh copyrighter’s permission to use the song so below I constructed an e-mail to MTA RECORDS:


I did not receive an e-mail back as i suppose they don’t really mind as i will not be profiting and smearing their image off of it so i will go ahead with its publication and await for notice otherwise.


New synopsis September 16, 2011

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My video will consist of 2 characters: one standing at the top of a building appearing to be waiting for someone and another male running through the multi story


1) My mystery actor will appear under a bridge conceling his identity, stop and gaze at a buildign in the distance when zoomed in is discovered as teh car park. Then cutting to a man on the roof top frequentl looking at his watch appearing to be impatient at waiting for his guess. The fact the beat starts off slow it allows me to build tension and suspence

2) Then showing a text stating a message in relation to teh mystery person’s location and showing a kidnapped girl struggling and frantically calling our runner. And LUIS run between buildings

3) Again cuttign to teh roof top showing teh panicign girl and LUIS makign his way up the multi story and storming through teh stairs, and receivign phone calls from our female actress.

4) Luis eventually bursting to the top of the roof only to discover a phone and a personal belonging with perceived sentiment.

5) LUIS looking over teh edge to see a vehicle speeding off and a follow up message stating your too late!


STORYLINE September 14, 2011

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Now we had an idea and little time in which we had  to execute it, we drew up a list of narratives below:

After discussing it we decided my actor would walk out from a dark bridge and run towards the car park after receivng an anomonouse text message  and cut between teh amn waiting at the top to indicate to teh audience the location and where the MVS is heading. We considered the tempo of the song we should use becasue the majority of it would be fast paced running moves. I decided on NERO – GUILTY would be the song i would use beacsue of its fast tempo and loud beats that will keep in time with the mood I’m trying to create. LUIS will make his way from P’boro and work his way through the car park to get to teh stop by climbing jumping from level to level and discovering what lays instore at the top only to find teh mysterous host has left and driving off by the time he reaches the top. The synopsis being the title of the song GUILTY (what is he runnign from).


Who is NERO?

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NERO is a duet consisteing of Daniel Stephens and Joe Ray london based artists and Alana Watson providing vocals on most of NERO’s songs.

Their music is of the DUBSTEP generation and their song GUILT was released by MTA record label on 22 APRIL 2011 when it hit no8 and stayed in teh UKtop 40 for 7 weeks which lead to it being critical acclaimed by ZANE LOWE calling it a “epic dubstep blockbuster” on his HOTTEST RECORD BLOG. The song starts of slow and innocent and eventually builds into a fast and loud drum and bass which will compliment of video’s fast tempo perfectly hopefully.

This song represents a narrative based system which is loosely filled when an erotic dancers entertains business men in a futuristic club named GUILT just as my video I intend to follow a loose narrative.