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Inside Cover – research ( 903 am oct 21 November 9, 2011

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The majority of CD and album cases sets will include a booklet on the inside left pocket of the digi  pack which mainly has the band/artist logo,symbol or portrait such as me examples below of Chris Brown illustrating himself. Nearly all of these bookelts i researched (21 cases, different genres and ages and groups/singles)

When I read ‘VIBE’ magazine i discovered that the reason why so many record labels dispatch these cases with inside booklets are as follows:

  • Give a insight into the purpose behind the song and indepth information into the artist(s) themselves.
  • Information on upcoming gigs and other works of the artists or record label themselves
  • Help the consumers sing along to their favourite tracks
  • Add value e.g Posters and stickers
  • Photography, male pleasure or young girl idolisation

I have choosen to shows Adele’s booklet which has her picture and lyrics of the song printed inside for the fans to read and sing along with. These booklets like EMINEM’s some times give a short autobiography fell look into the artists’ life and where the inspiration of the song came from again to further extend the enjoyment for the consumer. Reinforcing the fictional but emotional bond to the artist.


Inside Template research November 8, 2011

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Inorder to produce a orthentic and decent standard of work i must first research past works and use this knowledge in my own work to improve my own ideas. I will study bands and solo artists singles and albums to differentiate between them.

                             1) ADELE – This single’s digi pack of  ‘SOMEONE LIKE YOU’ as shown on the right just a leafelt consisting of the lyrics being printed of the song in a white font upon a grey background for contrast and also due to the fact it matches the cover colour scheme. I really like this simplistic approach to a single’s digi pack. Despite me making a back cover listing a barrage of songs I have only produced a single video so I may choose this idea just for my song.


                             2) Papa Roach – This band’s single of  ‘WANNA BE LOVED’ is a double insert that stretched across either side of the digi pack showing a head shotline up of the band and lyrics of the song on the top right in black aganist white for contrast. This is effective plus there’s 3 people in my video this is a really good idea and possibility.


                              3) Ed Sheeran – Ed Sheeran album ‘NO.5 Collaborration project’ being his debute album I thought this would be a good example considering this is my first aswell. Upon reading his 15 page insert which featured double sided pages with pictures of himself performing and headshots for fans. Tour dates featured on the back pages for fans and at the bottom of the pages illustarted the website again which shows tour dates, sellables and sneak previews of upcoming songs and collaborations. I will not be using this technique as i only have one page in order to please my audience so i cannot fit tour dates and headshots and lyrics all on one page.


                              4) Take That – ‘TAKE THAT CIRCUS’. Now the complete ooposite from a first timer to a accomplished band and have produced over 5 albums over the decades. Now i can see the differences between a new comer with fresh ideas and a veretan albumed band. Again loads of vibrant colours just like the cover and back also consists of loads of pictures from the cirucs tour and quotes from the band about the shows. Such as Robbie saying ” Gary’s been told to take make up off and he’s not even in costume’ aimed at the consumer and giving them a fictional emotional bond with the band members. I will not be using this idea because will are limited to a single page insert or you have to pay additonal fund, so i will not be using this as its a free service.



I have decided to use a idea similiar to ADELE and just used a simple image of thewhite PARCOUR logo of a jumping silouette  against a black background with the lyrics in a red font to stand out, i feel this is the best way to ultilise my one page limit. This research has helped me as I now know that albums will have a 10-20 page booklet which has head shots and live tour images with tour dates and website inmformation. Due to mine being a single, a lyrics page is suitable for my cheap construction.

If I were to do it again and I could do whatever i wanted to: I would do a bookelt insert of head shots of: me,Luis and Craig peforming moves away from the car park. making it more asthetically pleasing.


My own roughing process

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Now that i have my RAW images i will now play about with them in FIREWORKS and PHOTOSHOP adding affects and adding lighting to get a desired affect. However my front cover is simplistically brilliant so i will not be changing this image so this leaves my back cover will i will have to edit in order to involve record label details and barcodes etc.



I have put the image into photoshop and googled a image of a barcode and changed the numbers on the bottom using the cropping tool avaliable making sure no one else’s work has the same barcode. I have used to text box tool in order to add the numbers and track titles on the top right hand corner and using the writting colour tool to change it to red in order to make them easily readable. Upon research I discovered NERO are associated with RUB RECORDINGS so i put a tiny images of their logo beside the barcode like past works and the copyrighting infringements law aswell that is another common conntation of a back cover of any media type. This again was done by using the dialogue boxing tool.

However because there was no slack between the borders of my image and the writing my teacher repeatedly told me that when put into the approved template and put into the company that was printing my digi pack the the one-inch border around my image would be cropped. So I put the image into PAINT and added a black border using the dotted square tool inorder to assure my writing’s safety.


My front & back cover – Selection

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Here are my two favourite images, after reviewing all of my ideas i have didnt to use my own taken images as i feel using someone elses images and when i have changed 90% of time i feel that this want show my own creativity and also will never be my own work. Below are my choosen images however they are unedited, these raw images will the basis for my digi pack design.

I have decided to use this as my front cover because my peers in my media class really enjoyed and appreciated the difficulty of drawing this image. Luis my main runner drew this image perviously in the year and upon see this on his website I felt it would look brilliant on my front cover. My teacher also fell in love with this idea when i showed him my design board as shown below. Handrawn cover were popular in the 90’s where pastols were often used however i feel this pencil sketching is perfect in contrast to my back cover image.

This is the original picture of the front cover that Luis sketch from. Despite him changing the scenery i felt this was a brilliant idea as it shows constrast and juxtaposition just as in my video, the runner and chaser. Also it gives a bit of colour to my piece if my whole digi pack was just black and dull it would not be very appealing on a shelve.My next post will be my own roughing process so i can get a orthentic feel of the whole digi pack production cycle. I have been through the consutation process and now the designing process.


My Designs

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Below is a collage of my ideas which I produce in a double lesson.  Some were just fillers to bulk up my portfolio however i took time over all of my designs some were pictures i found on and merged into a new image by overlayign several images together on photoshop and PAINT and some are also real life pictures which i have added effects to in order to make them more asthetically pleasing and more desireable for a digi pack cover.


Digi-Pack Types October 21, 2011

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There are 10 main types of digi-pack designes that artists can choose from:


Simple and effective technique and cheap to produce, linked to elegancy and beautiful and also promiscuous. Typical for Band singles


Using real life images taken from a still camera giving a powerful affect, screen shot of actual video.


Adds depth and meaning to a cover a convention of a band cover.


Very popular amongst solo artists on single tracks, this helps fan to put a face to a song giving an emotional
attachment. amongst


Cheapest to produce however they are border lined between fantastic and boring by critics.


“Clean & Elegant” cannot be subcategorized by looking below you can see why.


All the covers focus is upon the image represented on the front of the Digi-pack


A drawing or a still photo that is edited to make it pop of the cover normally animated in order to reinforce the song’s persona.


Self explanatory a image that is drawn by the artist manually and is one of the techniques that is booming gin the tweens era.


Similar to image based, it’s an example of powerful typography which can be extremely effective


This research has been useful as now i can deteremine for myself what is the best technique for me having research what genres go for what style i can put into use. Straight away im ruling out hand drawn as i cannot draw and also manipulation as i feel this wil not match my song and confuse the audience. Early on I am drawn to the BLACK & WHITE matching with the POWER IMAGERY approach:

Here are some early results from using thE screen grab technique on SONY VEGAS:

In conclusion i have decided to choose to use POWERFUL IMAGERY in BLACK AND WHITE  method of design because I feel that a still shot  from my actual piece is the best way to sum up my video because in one shot the audience can see what my video is all about and by putting it into black and white grain it adds depth and mystery to my piece. Also putting a drak affect on to picture gives it a more ‘COOL’ sensation. So now I will draw up a shortlist of screen shots above and determine what is the best one.


Digi-Pack Icons

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The most infamous Digi-pack designer I could discover was HIPGNOSIS who produced work featuring PINK FLLOYD, ACDC and also GENESIS the biggest bands and artists of their own generations, HIPGNOSIS was a British based designer company. In 1968 Thorgerson & Powell designed PINK FLLOYD’s second album “A saucerful of Secrets” this was their first product.

Upon its accomplishment and popularity the execs of PINK FLLOYD asked them again in 1973 designed their 3rd album cover, and the most famous album cover “ The Dark side of the Moon”

After this huge surge of popularity it led to its plaudits of being hailed the best cover of all time and went on to design with bigger groups such as LED ZEPPLIN & BLACK SABBATH. The most amazing thing about them execs of client bands all said “they didn’t set a price I were asked to pay what we felt it was worth”. After researching their methods of producing these covers they mainly used photography-oriented techniques , and pioneered the use of many innovative visual and packaging techniques. In particular, Thorgerson & Powell manipulated photos; using darkroom tricks, multiple exposures, airbrush retouching, and mechanical cut-and-paste techniques.