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HomePage Research January 3, 2012

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i have decided on reviewing SKRILLEX’s web site as this is my favourite artist at present i have drew up a list and screen grabs of every component his page uses and described its effectiveness i will then put this resaerch into my own page and compare the two to see if i have created a realistic page that can attract fans etc.

1) Logo

This again helps the mental branding when the public see this image they refer to the band/artist. Also creating awareness.

2) Tour Dates

Builds awareness and HYPE giving fans the ability to see their favourite artist etc these concerts are the largest revenue stream and is what makes the artist(s) their money.

3) New Video

Creating a buzz of a new song by using a viral advert and again making the audience take notice or new material and by putting it next to the discography fans are more likely to click on them and become a further fan.

4) Shopping

Additional Revenue Stream, again when fans are wearing their merchandise create awareness and a more physical form of advertising.

5) Contact Us

Allowing contact with the artist(s) reinforces this fictional emotional tie from fan to singer. When this reaches capacity like in the 80’s such as the OSMANS etc an extremely loyal and diverse fan based is achieved along with recognition and success.


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