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Q4: How did you use media technologies in the construction, research, planning and evaluation stages? December 15, 2011

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Inorder to research the definitons and opinions of porffessionals in the media world i had to use the internet and websites such as and wikkipedia these are reliable sources and check and varified by pros. This evidence is great for me beacsue its reliable and can put all of teh research into my own work. However some evidence i found from several sources proved to contridict such as teh history of the video and dates so i had to cross reference these sites, which lead to me only blogging about what i found on 3 sites atleast before believeing.

Howevr the visual learning of actually watching videos themselves on youtube aisd be greatly beacsue without watching videos from different genres and styles i could grab ideas easily at school from youtube and incorporate them into my reaserch and main work. Resaerching can be done in books and magazines but teh problems i encountered that was their were for teh majoirty were a year old atleast and also take a year atleast to write and publish so they can be outdated for 2-3 years meaning they cannot keep up with teh every chagning world of music videos becasue they adapt every single day and vide released this is why its hard to define them and their conventions.

Unlike teh internet which is updated every day all over teh world conisting of millions of opinions and examples of work that i can view evaluate and blog about to aid my research into:why,how, when etc.


Involved me finding the ideal location for my piece, i used my phone inorder to get pictures of my local skatepark (my original idea) and the town car park i also looked into town park, pictuers can be easily obtain through my blackberry smart phone. This technology is brilliant for this exercise because it takes 2 second and easily transfered on to my computer and downlaoded on to my blog and locations can be compared instantly.

When i find my location originally the skatepark i can begin to draw up a storyboard an morph it around the enviroment i have pictures, upon its completeion i will have to scan the storyboard on to my computer and annotate that image on my computer this is convenient for my becasue my ideas can be seen widely and has a beter quality than if i took a picture on my phoen then downloaded it.

I felt the best way to research how to construct A2 media videos i went on to and viewed past students archive work to see teh standard of work and camera shots that are used and the affects that were popular.

However when i changed me idea i had shots of the car park however when i put them into sony vegas afetr downloading the deluxe version the images where a little dark so i played with the lighting features to see if i could increase the lighting without it looking to faked and airbrushed. Word Documents were teh key featuer i used to write all of my ideas down and refer back to, move lists and a outline of the narrative was written on this programme to keep me going in a given direction. Before construction could begin i had to have permission from NERO record label themselves or when i put my video on to youtube it would be banned for legal reasons. So i went amount using my hotmail account a free emailing service to send a letter to inorder to acquire permission to use their song however they did not reply however the intent was there and i went on to construct my video.


This is by far the section where only technology has to be used. Firstly the camera itself a toshiba hd capable camera i filmed my final piece on had far better quality pixels than my orginal camera which received many a complaint. Once filmed i had to use a scart lead to transfer it on to my computer however most of the school camera be default match a format that the school computer allow immedient download.

So i had to render each file seperately on to which is a fast free website that reformats any file into any other, without this website my video would of have to been done at home and my peers and teacher would not be able to witness it until i burnt it beacsue of resources that was inpractical incase it had flaws. Sony vegas was everyone choice of editing software because i picked teh slow computer i had to download the new deluxe version in order to gain access to newee features such as slow mo features i knew i would require. Without this version my lighitng would be dark and colour correction would be poor. Colour correction helped me brighten up scenes inside the car park that were filmed in dimmly lit areas on lower down levels. This correction is done by clicking of teh flash light tool and clicking the background adn dragging the above scroll bar: extreme left resulting in a heaven glow and right meaning pitch black i choosen 0.4 which made it consistent with the rest of my video allwoign easy vieweing and continuity.

Even animation tools came in handy becasue i tagged my video at teh start and end stating the title and composer, again a key convention which could only be achieved by technology. Text is added by using the A tool and you type in what text you want to appear and drag the dialogue box into the desired position on the screena dn duration you want i went for 3 seconds, i decided upon on just having it ariel on to the page, meaning a straight foward appear and disappear.These are all example of post production where effects can be added as much as you want, despite my video being quite plain compared to others in my class i had tinkered with filters and slow mo’s these are great uses of technology beacseu it give an enhanced viewing pleasure for the audience.


Inorder to evaluate my early work i used audience feedback using my video camera which i recorded peopel evaluating my work which i uploaded onto my youtube account. Which i then uploaded onto my blog. The results i then put into graphs and pie charts which i constructed in WORD using the INSERT TABLE tool and then i had to input them into PAINT and crop the image and save as a JPEG in my MEDIA PICS FILE.  However the best charts i made were the pie charts EXCEL that specialise in graphs and data analysis i am familiar with this programme in business so contrsucting the charts were easy i made it crystal clear for me and other on my blog to see what others felt i needed to do to increase the quality of my work. Without technology onyl words could describe what was needed to do and too much writing can make my blog look cluttered.

Overall technology is the best tool for this course and research is useless without because book data is old and rarely updated.

Sony Vegas was greatly more effective than MOVIEMAKER which is a basic and childish version of SV howeevr due to the school not recognising certain default files it took time to convert files and file sizes proved to be a problem when over 20 seconds of footage are on them. Causing it to crash constantly and the fact teh whole room was filled with people using teh same programme at teh same time proved the programme to repeatedly stool

Inorder to self evaluate on my work i went on to the INTRANET my schools version on their safe internet where my peers had drawn up their own blog checklist which i read and ticked off to see if my work was up to scratch. Also


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