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Q3. What have you learned from your Audience Feedback? December 15, 2011

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Audience feedback is key to listen to beasceu if your audience dont liek what they see and you ignore them when you relases that piece then the result will remain and then the video will flop and fans will hate it and subconcousily when you dislkiek teh video you dislike the song and artist.

My target audince was tragetted to everyone in school beacsue music viedos dont have a tyraget audince just anyone who enjoys that artist for example a 50 year old may liek EMINEM so a target audience is hard to define its the artist themselves that targeted. JUSTIN BIEBER videos would onyl interest younger feamle audiences as where anyone listens xfactors cadidates artists. However as published on my blog my first draft of my video and a bullet pointed my peers reviews and corrections and listed how i would react to these, it took this contsructive criticism well beacsue at the end of teh day we are all in a ploite compettion with each other and trying to help the year group produce the best ever  work so by helping each other make our videos as best as can be helps us as a year group.

The major flaws in my work were the technical aspects as i lack in this area becasue of TOM did the majoity of the editing and affects on our short film. This feedback was condoning my wobbley camera and lack of continuity becasue i filmed across 2 days and 2 diferent lighitn levels meaning it did look ‘poor’. So i did take these on board and refilmed usign a tripod and refilmed with a new camera over one days to keep the aspects all the same. As recgonised by my teacher, myself and peers in my remake a week later due to their input i could make my video better tenfold without the feedback i would of handed that edit in adn received bad ffedback with no time to edit.

Also i had previously filmed my audinces feedback for my new video just before my final edit and they generally said alot better how some shts needed shortening and just random afefcts needed adding so i went away and doen these changes and my final edit is what it is becasue of audience feedback.

One of the best reviwes i had that other had recived that was the narrative was extreemyl clear and simple its a chase and a fight atteh end then LUIS jumps down and disappears, unlike some of the very complexed naartives and confusign seqeunces such as other groups in my class. The underlining feature was a mystery deal and a protagonist adn a antagonist however some groups had used too many affects and were missing chunks of the video and i could not understand the concept of their video becasue it was just to conjunctional.


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