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Q2. How effective is the combination of your main product & the 2 ancillary texts? December 15, 2011

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Once the music video was finished i set about completing the 2 other ancillary texts: the digi pack and the web page. These are sub-promotional tools used to reach out to the wider population. The replica web page i created for NERO includes links to social netwrokign such as twitter and facebook to get my video to a wider audience. My digi pack was also construted to stand out amongst others in my class and differentiat mine form everybody elses.

I had to link these 3 which was a very difficult but I managed to find not a single image but a concept of parcouring the free running image that appears everywhere through my work. The parcour logo and white sillouette on a black background that features in my digi pack and worn on clothing in my video along with the logo being on my web home page. That way when someone sees my video etc they recognise it from my other works.

My Digipack ancillary text, I create a concept and theme of mid air skills, this included modernism of teh sport and the urbanise feeling on the front cover of my cd cover to hint at the urbanisation of the sport and my video. The contrast from fornt to back the idea of black and white backed against colour shows theres two sides to this digi pack as is this video where my protag and antagonists fight it out. However due to this being a last second change the narrative is not reflected in my digi pack.

Becasue of the hand drawn image i decided to not put the title of the song on the front cover becasue i feel teh public will appreciate the drawing and pick it up in interest and when looking on the back the recognisable songs of NERO become apparent. The inside of my digi pack is also black on white for the contrast on dark adn light, good and evil such as the chase in my video.

The website design reflects these ideas with the use of specifically chosen pictures, layout and fonts. One connection between the products is instantly visible on the pages with pictures of my GALLERY which include the parcour logo and digi pack design images on the slide show feature. I again decided to use a darker background becasue i feel it drags the attention of the viewer into the images in the centre of teh page such as my video and other features etc.

I have already use the branding used by NERO using their name and logo so peopel visiting my site can recognise what its all about immediently. This is a great feature and a oppurtunity which many producer take advantage of when advertising becasue people recognise teh name and logos and are asscoiated which future products and merchandise.

Using this commodification as an opportunity, my group has placed the parcour, cd cover and nero logos on all of the buyable created products on my shopping list so i can gain more reognisition from the viewing public. Howver a trick i missed out on was putting the web page on my digi pack becasue i contructed teh cd cover before the wix page i couldnot go back and do this. So if re-done this is a correctin i would rectify, this would be a great connection.

Another imagery based connection is on my gallery section of my web page has picture on a slideshoe feature that included my digi pack covers and LUIS my runner. The video itself also takes pride on my master home page a perfect link along with NERO’s other feature songs and new releases on my discography page creating the link between my and their works, increasign the awarness of our work. Going viral with all of those feature allows me to target billions of peopel due to any who has access to the internet can see my work.

Cross media convergence is when differnt formats cross in one, such as you can in theory buy merchandise and music off of my web page and a direct link between NERO’s new video to also links between me and social networking. Just the fact you can watch videos and listen to music for free another form and cross convergence. By having twitter the audience or followers themselves on twitter and facebook can become extensions of promotional tools, when they like your page or tweet in reference to you then people reading that are just one click away from your website, hugely increasign awarness. With all of this loose advertising its a great form of synergy, not forgetting the contact us form which also features just reinforces the synergy.




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