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I had decided upon using the NERO single Guilt for my music video coursework because i could see the potential in its pace and theme to lay it on to a free running montage chase. However to say that I followed the typical conventions of a music video is hard to deteremine becasue of the loosely used term conventions modern day music videos are as abstract and disjunctional as possible. Videos can conisist of the singer live performing to them turning in cars and transporting to beside an ocean, so due to these transformations in this media industry i cannot officially say i stuck to any set conventions.

However the main feature of 99% of music videos are that the artist mimes the lyrics to make the whole thing seem realistic and more appealing to the audience however in my video i felt it would be out of place if my runners all of a sudden stopped and strated singign so i have challenged this convention of media to get the same desired affect of realism however done teh complete oppoasite of what many artists have done. The beginning and endign of my video i have tagged the title of teh song on to mine becasue anybody watching music videos on the variety of channels like to know ‘0w who sings this’ and then they listen to other songs from that artist and so on and creating a domino affect and creates awarness. This convention I felt was key to use the that excat reason so straight away peopel have an idea of what is expected.

Also at the start of my video a little narartive is played for 12 seconds to set up the narrative, just a standing shot of me and luis illustrating a mystery deal with a rucksack showing that this is why teh chase is happening beacsue my video is a strongly nasrative based piece of work all of my shots are significant unlike random montage editing used by many directors to break up the main feature BEP use this technique alot to make the video more interesting using large images of bright excotic animals and strobe lighing to give a ‘cool’ feel to the video. This is a direct example of JOHN FISKE” music videos foreground teh signifier over teh signified. I have challenged this convention because i feel in the chase everything is key, building suspence is my major aim and breakign it up with empty shots of scenery would lose my wanted affect and bore the audience.

The reasons for these quick edits is to keep teh storyline up with the pace of the beat keep teh smooth transition bewteen shots, like my video uses fast edits when possible to prevent teudim when going through doors and capture teh diificulty and aww of the flips and jumps etc. Slow-mo was always going to be a major feature in my video to encapture the a brillaint skilled move on the corkscrew flip howver i felt that is over used its effectiveness would be dulled so i only use teh affect once. My video does not rely heavilt at all on post-porducution affects such as KATY PERRY- FIREWORKS however this ocnvention i was forced to challenge beacsue of my lack of techniacl know how to use green screens and other such affects that my peers were using. Unlike every other artist that has a record label i do not possess the financial backign adn newer software to use post-porudtcion affects to tehri fullest..Uisng these conventions of fast editing and added affects such as slow-mo is key in any video to allow it to reach its full potential of gettign teh audiences attention and respct.

In my editing process i just had the chase lined ou tin order on my vegas and layed teh music on top of it, unlike other conventional directors who break up the song into verse-choruse-verse etc and play the narartive around this and use reapeatcbaility in the choruese to get a sense of familiarity across to the viewer, beacsue of my video being stronly narrative based and the underlinign featyrue of a chase i could not use reapeatability convention so challengin this is not the best idea as its the most used and important feature of a video from day one. So if done again i would incorporate this tool.


Digi packs

My digi pack was created by my own images used through a vigorouse process or sketching, roughing adn peers reviweing just like real digi packs when templates are drwan up and the artists has hundreds of photos taken then ideas are pitched fowarsd to everyone involved. This ocnvention of porudtcion is key beacsue if just 4 ok images are used you run the risk of making an uanppealign cd cover and it wont be picked off the shelves. The main convention of a cd cover is rather a band logo such as BLINK 182 or portratit picture of CHERYL COLE however i used a hand drwan picture of my back cover, teh back cover of luis backflippin over a hay bail near his house which he then drew in a more urban setting to help this course. The back page of my digi pack i decided upon an album feel and listed 6 songs on the back and barcoded the bottom to tie into teh mise-en-scene of a real album case, even down to the legal oblgiataion and corpyrighting laws listed in small print at teh botom under teh barcode, following this convebntion is key beacsue if i had not use a barcode or any text what so ever then its not realstic and defeats the whole objective of teh task.

Web page

My web pages conisists of 6 pages including a badn homepage, gallery, merchandising with a working basket feature and checkout component so when you see a product you like you can hover over the image so it enlarges and the price appears dependign on your location and even the song has a link to itunes from which you can buy it aswell. This is an additonal revenue stream for teh band and record label to is mainly to cover teh cost of teh domain name and maintance costs not a long term form of fundign.

Liek every single artists’ website for example i reasrhced SKRILLEX AND NERO at the bottom of each page espacially th econtact us page which i alos have has the 3 follwoign buttons: twitter, facebook and favourite buttons i have installed a fake twitter feed onto my page so people can contact me and a facebook link linkign straight to NERO’S official page. These conventions are the major component on web pages so fans can get in contact with ‘them’ and creates a more pesronal bond bewteen them, when thye can see what their favoutire starts are tweeting about at any given time. This fiction and emotional tie is what make them go out adn listen to their music.

The actaul music and video must be teh centre of attention on any web page my video and nero’s new release is the first page of my page just as it is on nero’s one their new song is surrounded by commet pages and feedback. The fact its the firts thing you see makes you click on it i hope followungn this convention also helps me acheiev this aswell. All of neros songs feature on my discography page where anyone can just click on the ipod tool button adn begin listening to one of many tracks i have uploaded. This convention is very uselful not for  me but the artist(S) becasue it gets fans who may haev just started listenign to their music and get them interested in their other tracks.





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