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Inside Cover – research ( 903 am oct 21 November 9, 2011

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The majority of CD and album cases sets will include a booklet on the inside left pocket of the digi  pack which mainly has the band/artist logo,symbol or portrait such as me examples below of Chris Brown illustrating himself. Nearly all of these bookelts i researched (21 cases, different genres and ages and groups/singles)

When I read ‘VIBE’ magazine i discovered that the reason why so many record labels dispatch these cases with inside booklets are as follows:

  • Give a insight into the purpose behind the song and indepth information into the artist(s) themselves.
  • Information on upcoming gigs and other works of the artists or record label themselves
  • Help the consumers sing along to their favourite tracks
  • Add value e.g Posters and stickers
  • Photography, male pleasure or young girl idolisation

I have choosen to shows Adele’s booklet which has her picture and lyrics of the song printed inside for the fans to read and sing along with. These booklets like EMINEM’s some times give a short autobiography fell look into the artists’ life and where the inspiration of the song came from again to further extend the enjoyment for the consumer. Reinforcing the fictional but emotional bond to the artist.


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