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My own roughing process November 8, 2011

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Now that i have my RAW images i will now play about with them in FIREWORKS and PHOTOSHOP adding affects and adding lighting to get a desired affect. However my front cover is simplistically brilliant so i will not be changing this image so this leaves my back cover will i will have to edit in order to involve record label details and barcodes etc.



I have put the image into photoshop and googled a image of a barcode and changed the numbers on the bottom using the cropping tool avaliable making sure no one else’s work has the same barcode. I have used to text box tool in order to add the numbers and track titles on the top right hand corner and using the writting colour tool to change it to red in order to make them easily readable. Upon research I discovered NERO are associated with RUB RECORDINGS so i put a tiny images of their logo beside the barcode like past works and the copyrighting infringements law aswell that is another common conntation of a back cover of any media type. This again was done by using the dialogue boxing tool.

However because there was no slack between the borders of my image and the writing my teacher repeatedly told me that when put into the approved template and put into the company that was printing my digi pack the the one-inch border around my image would be cropped. So I put the image into PAINT and added a black border using the dotted square tool inorder to assure my writing’s safety.


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