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My front & back cover – Selection November 8, 2011

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Here are my two favourite images, after reviewing all of my ideas i have didnt to use my own taken images as i feel using someone elses images and when i have changed 90% of time i feel that this want show my own creativity and also will never be my own work. Below are my choosen images however they are unedited, these raw images will the basis for my digi pack design.

I have decided to use this as my front cover because my peers in my media class really enjoyed and appreciated the difficulty of drawing this image. Luis my main runner drew this image perviously in the year and upon see this on his website I felt it would look brilliant on my front cover. My teacher also fell in love with this idea when i showed him my design board as shown below. Handrawn cover were popular in the 90’s where pastols were often used however i feel this pencil sketching is perfect in contrast to my back cover image.

This is the original picture of the front cover that Luis sketch from. Despite him changing the scenery i felt this was a brilliant idea as it shows constrast and juxtaposition just as in my video, the runner and chaser. Also it gives a bit of colour to my piece if my whole digi pack was just black and dull it would not be very appealing on a shelve.My next post will be my own roughing process so i can get a orthentic feel of the whole digi pack production cycle. I have been through the consutation process and now the designing process.


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