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Inside Template research November 8, 2011

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Inorder to produce a orthentic and decent standard of work i must first research past works and use this knowledge in my own work to improve my own ideas. I will study bands and solo artists singles and albums to differentiate between them.

                             1) ADELE – This single’s digi pack of  ‘SOMEONE LIKE YOU’ as shown on the right just a leafelt consisting of the lyrics being printed of the song in a white font upon a grey background for contrast and also due to the fact it matches the cover colour scheme. I really like this simplistic approach to a single’s digi pack. Despite me making a back cover listing a barrage of songs I have only produced a single video so I may choose this idea just for my song.


                             2) Papa Roach – This band’s single of  ‘WANNA BE LOVED’ is a double insert that stretched across either side of the digi pack showing a head shotline up of the band and lyrics of the song on the top right in black aganist white for contrast. This is effective plus there’s 3 people in my video this is a really good idea and possibility.


                              3) Ed Sheeran – Ed Sheeran album ‘NO.5 Collaborration project’ being his debute album I thought this would be a good example considering this is my first aswell. Upon reading his 15 page insert which featured double sided pages with pictures of himself performing and headshots for fans. Tour dates featured on the back pages for fans and at the bottom of the pages illustarted the website again which shows tour dates, sellables and sneak previews of upcoming songs and collaborations. I will not be using this technique as i only have one page in order to please my audience so i cannot fit tour dates and headshots and lyrics all on one page.


                              4) Take That – ‘TAKE THAT CIRCUS’. Now the complete ooposite from a first timer to a accomplished band and have produced over 5 albums over the decades. Now i can see the differences between a new comer with fresh ideas and a veretan albumed band. Again loads of vibrant colours just like the cover and back also consists of loads of pictures from the cirucs tour and quotes from the band about the shows. Such as Robbie saying ” Gary’s been told to take make up off and he’s not even in costume’ aimed at the consumer and giving them a fictional emotional bond with the band members. I will not be using this idea because will are limited to a single page insert or you have to pay additonal fund, so i will not be using this as its a free service.



I have decided to use a idea similiar to ADELE and just used a simple image of thewhite PARCOUR logo of a jumping silouette  against a black background with the lyrics in a red font to stand out, i feel this is the best way to ultilise my one page limit. This research has helped me as I now know that albums will have a 10-20 page booklet which has head shots and live tour images with tour dates and website inmformation. Due to mine being a single, a lyrics page is suitable for my cheap construction.

If I were to do it again and I could do whatever i wanted to: I would do a bookelt insert of head shots of: me,Luis and Craig peforming moves away from the car park. making it more asthetically pleasing.


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