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Digi-Pack Objectives October 21, 2011

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Upon the completion of my music video I now must construct my CD cover and digi-pack, which is a longer and more important process than many believe it is. It Is the most important part of the business side of the industry this is the biggest marketing tool alongside the video and song itself.

Def Jam Recordings owned by JAY-Z who has singers contracted such as ‘RHINANNA’ believe that this was original ‘”cases are a huge deal, its all about getting the cover correct to attract and engage the audience. “Its like advertising  the song in a word and a picture”.

However JAY-Z went on to say “They are becoming a lost art because of the digital age is growing uncontrollably” which led to many artist retiring or refusing to release new material because the INTERNET a unregulatable media force gavae birth the 1000’s of site allowing free download which led to LILLY ALLEN retire becasue the business can no longer be a living for new artists.

The average album costing £13.69 the artist will receive……………. however the average digital download on iTUNES for the same album cost averagly……………………… this huge difference puts a downer on the record labels and artist becuase of this digital service.

I saw EXAMPLE the rapper said on SOCCER AM a saturday morning football guest show he was qouted saying ” We dont make the huge bucks on cds or albums its the concerts and gigs we make our money, without a tour following a album the hype goes and so does all of the interest”

because according to this source:

America being the largest producing and selling cd country in the world, sales in 2010  album sales in the United States fell 12.8% to 326.2 million units from 373.9 million units in the prior year, as the sales of CDs fell by nearly 20% for the fourth year in a row. 

Digital album downloads fared better, posting 13% growth to 86.3 million from the 76.4 million scanned during 2009, accounting for nearly 26.5% of all U.S. album sales last year, according to SoundScan.(Backing up JAY-Z’s opinion)

  • To complete the advertisings objectives the CD cover must: attract fans attention, establish and hit target audiences, and most crucially increase the sales of the single or album
  •  I will research different  styles and the artists themselves who create them and discover why they are so important and how they affect a song’s popularity.

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