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Digi-Pack Types October 21, 2011

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There are 10 main types of digi-pack designes that artists can choose from:


Simple and effective technique and cheap to produce, linked to elegancy and beautiful and also promiscuous. Typical for Band singles


Using real life images taken from a still camera giving a powerful affect, screen shot of actual video.


Adds depth and meaning to a cover a convention of a band cover.


Very popular amongst solo artists on single tracks, this helps fan to put a face to a song giving an emotional
attachment. amongst


Cheapest to produce however they are border lined between fantastic and boring by critics.


“Clean & Elegant” cannot be subcategorized by looking below you can see why.


All the covers focus is upon the image represented on the front of the Digi-pack


A drawing or a still photo that is edited to make it pop of the cover normally animated in order to reinforce the song’s persona.


Self explanatory a image that is drawn by the artist manually and is one of the techniques that is booming gin the tweens era.


Similar to image based, it’s an example of powerful typography which can be extremely effective


This research has been useful as now i can deteremine for myself what is the best technique for me having research what genres go for what style i can put into use. Straight away im ruling out hand drawn as i cannot draw and also manipulation as i feel this wil not match my song and confuse the audience. Early on I am drawn to the BLACK & WHITE matching with the POWER IMAGERY approach:

Here are some early results from using thE screen grab technique on SONY VEGAS:

In conclusion i have decided to choose to use POWERFUL IMAGERY in BLACK AND WHITE  method of design because I feel that a still shot  from my actual piece is the best way to sum up my video because in one shot the audience can see what my video is all about and by putting it into black and white grain it adds depth and mystery to my piece. Also putting a drak affect on to picture gives it a more ‘COOL’ sensation. So now I will draw up a shortlist of screen shots above and determine what is the best one.


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