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Digi-Pack – Production Cycle October 21, 2011

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Roughing: A designer will be choosenthe he/she will discuss and  listen to the band or performer, sit down and closely listen to the lyrics and its narrative and talk to the producers, the advertisers and the artist(s) themselves and then mind map. One final meeting is set up and ideas are narrowed into 2 or 3 based on theme and image.

Testing: Once the rough is accepted and budgeted by the marketing execs its prototype Is created which is scrutinized by critics and random samples of people and fellow designers. If a hit then the final models are created.

Shooting: A location is selected by the designer and execs and is normally booked for up to 10 hours due to uncertain weather conditions when outdoors. The artist is then modeled in a variety of clothes and positions. Any where up to 100 photos are taken to ensure re-shooting is not necessary as this is a costly process.

Editing: the best shots are chosen and played around with e.g. photoshop and air-brushing to make the image as perfect as possible.

Final touches or Art working sequences: Photos are further edited e.g. airbrushing, before the final image is handed over.


Every CD cover is the same width and height in every country even album covers except albums maybe thicker due to the double discs and also bonus booklets inside. The old vionel record had a template of 12.75″ X 12.75″. format this size was set inorder to prevent the lionel disc from falling out however they were predominately made out of hybrid 2.5 mil polypro/polyester film.

However, now that not soo much material is used every CD is now resided in a ABS plastic cover, the reason for this selection in plastic is due to the fact its cheap and easy to get hold of also its easy to mold and cool quickly allowing fast mass production in seconds Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene is the material used to print on the imagery and inside booklets.


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