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Digi-Pack Icons October 21, 2011

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The most infamous Digi-pack designer I could discover was HIPGNOSIS who produced work featuring PINK FLLOYD, ACDC and also GENESIS the biggest bands and artists of their own generations, HIPGNOSIS was a British based designer company. In 1968 Thorgerson & Powell designed PINK FLLOYD’s second album “A saucerful of Secrets” this was their first product.

Upon its accomplishment and popularity the execs of PINK FLLOYD asked them again in 1973 designed their 3rd album cover, and the most famous album cover “ The Dark side of the Moon”

After this huge surge of popularity it led to its plaudits of being hailed the best cover of all time and went on to design with bigger groups such as LED ZEPPLIN & BLACK SABBATH. The most amazing thing about them execs of client bands all said “they didn’t set a price I were asked to pay what we felt it was worth”. After researching their methods of producing these covers they mainly used photography-oriented techniques , and pioneered the use of many innovative visual and packaging techniques. In particular, Thorgerson & Powell manipulated photos; using darkroom tricks, multiple exposures, airbrush retouching, and mechanical cut-and-paste techniques.


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