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List of changes and corrections October 3, 2011

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My teachers and peers drew up a shortlist of ideas and things I needed to change and suggestion what would make it better I have since lost the sheet so i will bullet point them:

  • Colour grade – Some parts due to the early morning mist doesnt look professional & looks too dull and uninteresting
  • Change narrative – The narrative is weak and the shot of the text is too stational and a weak ending because you can only see ‘me’, the presumed antagonist once for several seconds.
  • Camera work – Parts of the video are too shakey, need to use tripod, or atleast cut out parts that are too unstable.
  • Editing – Too many shots are held for too long and create a teduis atmosphere whilst watching. Or too much insignificant footage breaksup otherwise a fast good quality piece of action. More close up are essential for a action piece to show emotion and slow motions woul dbe great to show the diificulty and signifcane of a move.
  • Timings – My footage and change in pace needs to intwine with the beat of my music, the featured example of this was Luis running on a bass drop then jogging into a wall climb, a slow movement whilst a drum roll was playing. So i need to sync my movements better in editing.

I will take all of this on board because i recognise this as my draft piece i knew there was plenty of corrections needed. I will now explain i will solve these problems.

  1. Colour grading is a technique tool available in SONY VEGAS when you can select frames and brighten or dim the images too make the film look evenly lighted even when filmed over different days and times, this is useful as I filmed over 3 days. This will help my work as the early morning light looks dingy when put onto computer which is the only time when people will view it.
  2. This is a key issue due to the fact I only had one runner, Luis, and i cannot perform parcour narrative was soley going to be on Luis. I agree harshly because the text is a weak form of narrative and the fact I’m only seen once in the film and does not really explain who i am or whats going on.
  3. This is very dificult to free hold a camera still as there is alot of movement a tripod is ineffective whilst chasing Luis and trying to manovuer up and down different levels and effectively the pace and energy of the movement. However, whilst refilming i will use the tripod when suitable and just edit the shakey parts out inorder to maintain the energy of the running sequences.
  4. I will add plenty of close ups and play around with affects in SONY VEGAS to increase the effectiveness of my video. By adding close ups it will break up the main narrative and any risk of holding a single shot for too long. Also filming plenty of alternative shots from variety of angles giving me more options to use whilst editing

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