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COSTUME September 30, 2011

Filed under: FILMING — ryansmith66 @ 8:23 am

Costume is very important in any visual media type beacsue it makes the scene believable if in “DOCTORS” and all the actors are in jeans  the Mise-en-Scene would be poor and the audience will not find it believable. My actor Luis decided upon himself what he would wear and below is what he’s wearing and why:

<SHIRT> Luis wore a Parcour logo’d shirt to tie in with the whole theme of the song and narrative, the colour red was to illustrate his skill level and the fact red would be a great contrasting colour against the dull background of an early Peterborough morning.

<JOGGERS>  He choose to wear these as they were comfortable and prevents any grazing on the legs whilst climbing rough surfaces. Also these are the attire worn by professional Free-Runners becasue of the above reasons.

<TRAINERS> These trainers that are officially worn and endorse by and free-runners beacsue of their shock adsorbers and spring step features, So when Luis climbs and flips is chance of injury is reduced.


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