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New synopsis September 16, 2011

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My video will consist of 2 characters: one standing at the top of a building appearing to be waiting for someone and another male running through the multi story


1) My mystery actor will appear under a bridge conceling his identity, stop and gaze at a buildign in the distance when zoomed in is discovered as teh car park. Then cutting to a man on the roof top frequentl looking at his watch appearing to be impatient at waiting for his guess. The fact the beat starts off slow it allows me to build tension and suspence

2) Then showing a text stating a message in relation to teh mystery person’s location and showing a kidnapped girl struggling and frantically calling our runner. And LUIS run between buildings

3) Again cuttign to teh roof top showing teh panicign girl and LUIS makign his way up the multi story and storming through teh stairs, and receivign phone calls from our female actress.

4) Luis eventually bursting to the top of the roof only to discover a phone and a personal belonging with perceived sentiment.

5) LUIS looking over teh edge to see a vehicle speeding off and a follow up message stating your too late!


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