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Who is NERO? September 14, 2011

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NERO is a duet consisteing of Daniel Stephens and Joe Ray london based artists and Alana Watson providing vocals on most of NERO’s songs.

Their music is of the DUBSTEP generation and their song GUILT was released by MTA record label on 22 APRIL 2011 when it hit no8 and stayed in teh UKtop 40 for 7 weeks which lead to it being critical acclaimed by ZANE LOWE calling it a “epic dubstep blockbuster” on his HOTTEST RECORD BLOG. The song starts of slow and innocent and eventually builds into a fast and loud drum and bass which will compliment of video’s fast tempo perfectly hopefully.

This song represents a narrative based system which is loosely filled when an erotic dancers entertains business men in a futuristic club named GUILT just as my video I intend to follow a loose narrative.


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