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STORYLINE September 14, 2011

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Now we had an idea and little time in which we had  to execute it, we drew up a list of narratives below:

After discussing it we decided my actor would walk out from a dark bridge and run towards the car park after receivng an anomonouse text message  and cut between teh amn waiting at the top to indicate to teh audience the location and where the MVS is heading. We considered the tempo of the song we should use becasue the majority of it would be fast paced running moves. I decided on NERO – GUILTY would be the song i would use beacsue of its fast tempo and loud beats that will keep in time with the mood I’m trying to create. LUIS will make his way from P’boro and work his way through the car park to get to teh stop by climbing jumping from level to level and discovering what lays instore at the top only to find teh mysterous host has left and driving off by the time he reaches the top. The synopsis being the title of the song GUILTY (what is he runnign from).


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