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DJ FRESH’s other works September 14, 2011

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DJ FRESH has produce other critical acclaimed MVS that i have publishes below for further reference and analysis and adpat ideas and technique that i may adopt for my own.


This MVS has had an computer generated skipping rope that is teh centre piece of teh video which enable the actors to perfrom breathe taking stunts, which with teh speed of the rope matces that of teh tempo of teh song making it effective and not at all teduis. However this MVS has been dubbed lazy as the camera is for 70% of teh main narrative3 in a wide angle shot to inoredr to capture teh skipping sequence

Again he has combined the urban arts of dancing and BMXing when asked why do these art types consistently feature in your MVS he replies “growing up i always looked in ore at the kids around my estate and what they were doing so when i do videos i like to take teh art form which many people haev never seen and share it with teh world. However its difficult to catch teh image and maintaing its creditbility  but when i do i love the satification.


By watching at his work i’ve discovered moves which i would like to re-enact and reproduce in my work and  how to structure them in the same framing as he has done above. However his MISE EN SCENE is incredible the fact in past videos he has up to 30 skaters and a shut off skatepark due to his resources, this will be difficult to do for me as i have limited actors and teh park is open to public all day.


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