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CHANGE OF PLAN September 14, 2011

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During the holidays with a few days left till school i needed a rough edit to present upon my return to school so i broadcasted a message on various social networking site only to discover the majority of the BMXers and skaters were on holiday and away or injured so i was struggling for ideas.


I discussed this issue with my main actor LUIS who is a fond participater in PARCOUR (free runner) proposed an idea of free running round P’boro however in the majoirty of areas around here you require a license to film. I was unsure about this idea so LUIS showed me the below film of free runnign at its best on YOUTUBE.


After viewing this video I knew LUIS’ skills were belwo par than what i saw and my camera work isnt as smooth however I was decided on the idea so we began to draw up ideas and we decided on the idea  of doing the same idea but in the multi story car park. Below is our story board:



We didnt want the audience seeing our actor face to keep the mysteriousness of the piece and teh reason he’s escalating the multistory. Also with the steep walls and variouse levels and obsticals LUIS said he could perform different techniques and speeds and skills around the area.

However we would have to go early as we would be thrown out or cars would constantly drive into my shot taking away from my piece’s MISE EN SCENE of mystery.


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