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Exceptions August 26, 2011

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Although that most videos may consist of 4 sectors from which the director cuts between to support the 4×4 format of the song. However there are successful and failure of MVS these include the following;

Bruno Mars – Lazy song

This video directed by …. Is entirely filmed through a webcam midshot view and only cuts once with a blackout halfway through the song however the song didn’t receive any musical art award nominations across the board it didn’t stop the song from hitting the top of the charts for 4 weeks and still remains one of the catchiest song this year.

What the director said

When I researched NME’s interview with …. And … A highly respected MVS critic asked him as to why the simplistic output for such a huge and artist and follow up song whilst in the same quater hi-tech videos were being released. To which he replied “its matches the persona of the song when I discussed it with Bruno he felt it was a great idea, I felt that recent videos were too snatchy in imagery and left me personally disorientated and confused because there was too much going on too fast,with my approach I keep your attention and its easy to follow” and Bruno is constantly on your screen and centre of attention. Like he should be.


This simple minded approach is’nt new in 2007 ZOMBIELAND a record smashing horror film which was filmed entirely through a handheld POV shot from the perspective of a student filming the unfolding armageddon. This just goes to show this concept stretching through out the media world.

What I’ve learnt

After researching this I’ve discovered that a MVS doesn’t have to necessarily technically spectacular to be effective this video is a great example however I will compare it to a flop and show how easy it is and the thin line between genius and disaster.


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