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This video has had sensational reviews since its recent immergence on the television advery for LUCOZADE when a bunch of young skaters show of there tricks within  a american styled skate park, which i will eveolve into a dance battle also concernign BMXs and Street dancers. They are portayed within a lareg range of camera shots such as teh classic close up to show teh move’s intensity and also long shots to show teh specatcular, mid shots are used upon teh moves that feature large body moevements so teh audience can see teh whole tecnique and appreciateits difficulty.

This Disjucnstional video has a perfect build up to it and then blacts into its chorus which rasies teh tempo for teh rest of the song which will support my dancers perfectly as theer moves are spectatcular form the get go allowing teh music to support the dancings intensity. Although in teh end when teh tempo slowens and moments in teh chorus i will be playing FLIPS in slow motion to eat up a few seconds also to please teh audience with teh dancer’s skills

In terms of representation they are dressed in normal skating gear and summer clothes the same will be for my video as it gives teh sense of realism.

By studying this video i have discovered ways of capturing stylish moves effectively on camera. This is helpful as i had the idea of having street dancers and gymnasts dancing off against skaters and bmx’ers by combining these bunch of cultures being pitted against each other in this friendly encounter will attract the interest of a large interest group.


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