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Dance and Skills June 26, 2011

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I have drew up a shortlist and downloaded moves for all my actors which i want them to perform.I then had them both discuss whether or not if they could realistically pull off these moves. A mixture of past MVS and adverts and gymnatic techniques i have seen that I want to feature in my dance off, to put the audince in awww and asscoiate my video with the song.

Basic but cool moves that will look effective on camera.

STANDING BACKFLIP: All of my mates can perform this skill at different standards and height so this will feature sevarl times in my video at variouse heights and times to match teh high speed tempo. The ‘NORM’ in any CHRIS BROWN video or dance routine this is a vital component to break dancing, and will incraese my video’s realism to my audience.

HEADSPIN:  However after consorting with my friends and relentless practising and teasign we discovered that no one could perform this trick so this move will not be in my video, i did choose this move becasue of its diifculty and imagery pleasure however its not a major loss.


TUMBLING: This routine is great for my entrance and confronation of teh tow groups it will allow my dancers to burst onto the scene and give the audience an idea of teh videos content expectaion. 2 of my friends can perfrom these moves addign for better camera affect and realism.


TREE FLIP: A very good, eye cathcing move that will put teh audience in aww however needs to be realsitically performed on a diffent surface that features in teh skatepark. My mate can perform this on any non slip vertical surface adding to its effectiveness. This skill will be best captures usign 2 cameras to shoot teh take off and the underside of the turn.


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