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Song Choice & Storyboarding June 25, 2011

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After reviewing all my research and personal opinions i have choosen to pick LOUDER by DJ FRESH a song in the DANCE & DISCO genre because of its free range disjunctional video and because I had thE emmedient dancing sequence idea in my head. Due to the increased popularity of dancing sequences especially street dancing made famouse on ITV’s BGT, DIVERSITY & SPEEL BOUND, that feature in modern day MVS i have plenty of resources to compare to.

Below is my storyboard of ideas:

I will have my actor walking into teh skatepark and pull this move in the middle of the park and the title will pull into his body which ill do on Vegas this is symbolsing the beginning of the video. This move can become more polished and really appeal to the audience due to its difficulty.



This is a simplistic move however i plan to have another actor jumping through his legs doing a flip or tuc makign it impressive to the audienxcec and gain this will help my video burst into the chorus where the main moves will be performed. 











This again maybe a simple move but will help with teh build up in my video this move can be done multiple time but from different angles nad people the movecan be adapted and teduim will be prevented. By using multiple shots and angles and slow motion adde teh move can match the qaulity of the original



This move when doen in sow motion this move is a great filler between shots and a time waster effectively. This is a basic move that everuyone can do.





                                                                                      This move is extremely impressive and technically difficult, this can be performed on only a few apparatus in the skatepark as this move needs to be on a verticle rough surface but my actor will do this on the JUMPBOX and do well in my introduction. 




                                                                                      This is more for comical effect for the ending part of my video just like LMFAO videos just ties the end of the video showing its a fun process. This move can be done in time with the beat building tension.


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