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Target Audiences Selection June 24, 2011

Filed under: Further Research — ryansmith66 @ 9:25 pm

Inorder to have a successful video you must consider if the video relates to teh song and if it works and also who do you want to enjoy this video. If you aim a video at over 40’s sales will be low as will its interest as this generation do not invest a large  amoutn of money annaully into teh music industry.

Dance music is predominatly played in clubs and bars so ive decided to pick LOUDER by DJ fresh because of teh recent hype from teh advert and also my age range 16-21 will enjoy the music aswel as the astheatically pleasing imagery of street dancing and urban sporting. These eye-cathcing moves will hopefully catch teh audiences imagination and make my video a hit with teh younger years.

I then did a survey on 20 year 10’s to 6th Formers to get an indication if my song genre would be successful up against other people’s ideas in my class. I aksed this age range as they will have similiar musiclaly tastes to me and teh same age ranges of teh country also this age range plows over $800mil in 2010 alone. I took random samples to show on screen below.

How old are you?



:The majority of The people I interviewed were 17 years of age, perfect is that is also my age so I could tell from teh start that these answers would be suitable for my research.

I askes what is your favourite genre of music to listen to?

:However 50% R N’ B music, artists such as NeYo and RHINNA and Flo-Rida however when question seperatley what genre has teh best music videos 70% replied DANCE & HipHop.

Do you find if you don’t enjoy the video, you see it on the TV, do you turn over? 




What makes a good Music Video in your opinion?


: The majority going with dancing and thing that are amazing, such as flips and skills. This is due to the recent LUCOZADE advert which is teh same song as mine. So i will have to incorporate some of teh original moves in my song this will have a 99.9% likelyhood of pleasing mu audience.



After all of these results, I now know that to make a successful video targetted at 17 years olds to must infuse my own ideas with teh original video setup with dance and gynmaists with urban sporting tricks aswell, this reinforces my original idea and now i believe im on teh right track so next i will draw up a storyboard to display my idea rough through sketches and real life images of my dancers.


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