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SYNAETHESIA June 24, 2011

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Where you have mental images in your head when you listen to the music. This is critical in understaning MVS as you need to know teh process of how visuals are created from the soundtracks themselves: how they connect with the audience and how they provide such entertainment.

This all starts with analysing how the musice works, looking at how differnt levels of sound are built up and played over one another effcetively. Although studyign the lyrics themselves are crucial when analysing a video this does not mean word for word, by looking at the overall mood and emotions tyring to be embraced upon the audience. (

The problems with analysing modern day lyrics are that they are mostly incoherant word for word, but hwoever are generally amplification of a narrative or subject: meaning that you should concentrate on phrases or lines and the visulas assscoiated with them.

During a MVS a viral relationship is set between the viewer and the artist produced deliberately by the director to give a sense of emotional attachment. This is because the song portrays a story that most of the audience can relate to. Therefore the acting story teller the artist and makes the video stand out as they are a feature of first person addressing compared to the narration of everyday television. This technique has an positive effect upon the video

Generally when analysing, we look at key sound sections such as teh chorus and its tempo and also teh verse structures, however context also plays a key part as everyone shares a memory of a popular culture imagery(INTERTEXTUALITY) all good directors find these out and use this to great effect, using: places and narratives featuring differntn people and emotions.

No after researching all of this I can know understadning why MVS are that interestign to my audience adn i can know use these techniques to gain a higher interest level form my A2 MEDIA MUSIC VIDEO COURSEWORK.


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