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STAR IMAGE June 24, 2011

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  • The reputation of teh artist themselves and can be doubled-up as an marketing tool

Fraser teh editor of Media Mag SAID IN 2008 that “The music industry relies heavily on a few big names to fund its activities(the MVS production) this is refering to the Meta-Narrative of star imagerywhich plays one of the biggest roles in the industry.

  • Meta-Narrative is star image’s development, the stories and representaion of a star’s persona over time
  • Para-Narrative is a tecnique used to carry on a narrative however it goes completely off the point e.g. could be in bed cryign holding a photo then cut to teh band playing in a field.

FRASER (Past journalist and now recent editor of MEDIA MAGAZINE) talks of the 2 most infamous artists who would dratsically alter their STAR IMAGE in attempts to keep up with the every changing demands of teh public in teh music industry for decades.


FRASER first talk of MJ’s meta-narrative in his mag qouting “MJ has had a incredible journey to the top which he has lost control of in the last decade, sadly”.

MJ had a course of luck and crucial decision making along from his tranfer from JACKSON 5 family band to POP KINGDOM. The jackson 5 never originally released an offical MVS as they would appear every night on AMERICAN CABLE NETWORKING. Becasue there was no market for it.

However in DECEMBER2, 1983 THRILLER was released on MTV the fisrt MVS featuring and sung by a AFRICAN-AMERICAN leading into a huge influx of BLACK music culture expanding the industry. Even to date THRILLER is teh highest grossing MVS ever produced and stil teh only winner of the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress AWARD. Considerign only 2 out of 10 MVS actaully recoop the capital spent on it’s production


MJ’s persona featurign his sounds and moves differentiated him from everybody else giving him a unique star image even to date that cannot be immitated.

Howver in teh late 90’s Mr.Fraser discusses of how “MJ’s star image had took a wrong turn and almost, destroyed him” His once world renouned star image was now replaced with a stronger one of that, now beign a ‘freakish and self indulgent and ALLEGED sex offender’. His original star image of beign an (Adorabel young negro child singign with his brothers as teh lead then into a chart PHENOM to a plastic surgery WHITE almost half woman half child creature)Fraser has now shown me how Star Image can make or break a career and how changing it effectively can aid your
performance and the MVS popularity and its success.


Mr. Fraser tells of how “MADONNA has been transformed from a FRESH-FACED YANK into a ENGLISH PUNK and into a SEX SYMBOL and eventually in to the QUEEN OF POP.


                 1986-91 The Blonde Ambition Tour

Her record label had changed her from the long hair american innoncence, to a MAROLYN MONROE look-a-like. Trying to inevitable mold a sex symbols out of her and chaneg her into teh girl next door, which led to many romotional benfits such as 5 figure deals with PEPSI and popluar PERFUME companys. FRASER speaks of how this “genre change of music into HipHop and DANCE defined her career she had chnaged her whole persona sucessfully and maintain her music’s popularity”. Madonna commented “I realised that I could go from being unmoulded clay, and over time and with the help of people, I could turn myself into something else.

In January 1989, MADONNA was a born again CATHOLIC and played her debut single ‘LIKE A PRAYER’ in the PEPSI ad however the video directed byPATRICK LEONARD and co-written with MADONNA featured her makign love to satan and religouse groups called for its banning and boy-cotts of the product. Her star image was then condemed by teh VATTICAN itself with the POPE calling for her ex-communication if repeated, and stop from visiting any of his public speakings. This was a serously wrong chnage of persona.

However, LIKE A PRAYER sold over 13mil copies worldwide leading the ROLLING STONES to comment of the music video “this is as close pop will get to art,EVER”

Due to huge unpopularity for almost 6 months she ex-communicated herself and converted to KABBALAH in 1997 she commented “This record, more than any other records, covers all the areas of life. I had recently joined Kabbalah and I had left off partying—but I had just had a baby, so my mood was complete, and I was incredibly thoughtful, retrospective and intrigued by the mystical aspects of life.”

Her Star image had now become a HOUSEWIFE dream and now attracted the same generation who grew up wth her but nowing the kids to young to remeber now grown up her traget audience how now expanded to 10’s of millions. Following her albums success 200 million album sold: SLANT MAGAZINE described it as “one of the great pop masterpieces of the ’90s”.

Her tenth studio album, CONFESSION ON A DANCE FLOOR, was released in November 2005 and debuted at number one in all major music markets. Musically the album was structured like a club set composed by a DJ. The songs on the album started out light and happy, and as it progressed, it became intense, with the lyrics dealing more about personal feelings, hence “Confessions”. ( now a POP GODESS and Queen of teh dance culture world) Keith Caulfield from BILLBOARD commented that the album was a “welcome return to form for the Queen of Pop.” The album won a GRAMMY for “BESTELECTRO/DANCE ALBUM”.


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