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Music Video’s Technical Aspects June 24, 2011

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I decided to delve into the tecnical world of music video production and planning and hopefully will enable me to further my understanding and imporve my own project.


The mise en scene of the music video is vital in any music video. It needs to maintain authenticity to look professional becasue it needs to attratc the viewers attention and subliminally casue them to buy the single or the album.


The speed and timing of the cutting is often in time to the beat to enhance verisimilitude and adds to teh music videos overall  qaulity. Beats are very much involved with the camera work and editing, as well as the rhythm of the song itself.







For example if there is a slow beat song, then the camera work and cutting would mimic the beats in most cases, to create verisimilitude. However in the case of many BLACK EYED PEAS MVS .the camear only hold a shot for half a second to match teh beat.

Camera Work

This stage is before the editing stage before editing all of teh footage must of been taken and arrange. Many music videos use a complex mix of camera angles and movements as a way to engage their audience.  The more successful camera movements are excecuted, the more immersive the music video is, and therefore the more likely the viewers will feel entertained.

Montage Editing

The process in which the film is simply edited together, gathering unrelated clips of film and compiling them in a sequence of logical order to enhance the clips specific meaning; they may be entirely unrelated however the editor can create the illusion they are related clips through the use of montage editing. Montage editing uses mainly close-ups, superimposition, fades and fast cuts and jump cuts to portray a professional effect. ‘Intellectual montage’ can be used to represent an idea through juxtaposing and repeating certain clips, to result in an underlying meaning.


This is when every comes together and effects are displayed and also when the track is fiannlly played to teh movements.Generally the attempt to use post production affects is to establish a strong visual style, for example ‘sexy’ artists, due to the fact that music videos represent the growing trend value ‘Style over substance’,

Editing can turn even the most rubbish of footage into spectacular ones, using software such as Final Cut, and techniques such as the colour grading tools to enhance quality. Speed of beats and cutting is also part of editing, and often match the visual image perfectly to achieve a high standard, and these aspects will often reflect that of the rhythm of the song.

Lighting & Colour

This aspect also ties into MeS and play a significant role in determing and reinforcign genre to teh audience. For example a pop video will have bright lighting to enagage a younger audeinces attention e.g. in KATY PERRY ‘Californian Girl’ loads of PINK is used to catch teh attention of teh viewer.

On the other hand, more ‘depressing’ style music such as EMINEM ‘STAN’ use darker colour and lighting to keep the dull atmosphere and show teh sinister style narrative the producer is trying to portray through lighting and the  lyrics.





Another aspect to lighting and colour is to set the tone of a particular part of the song. For example, if the colours are neutral blues and yellows with strong lighting it could mean that passion is trying to be portrayed, where as if the colours are bright reds and oranges, it could portray a bubbly and fun atmosphere. Lighting and colour also has relations with setting and characterisation.


Setting and characterisation in a video can set the atmosphere whihc is supported my lighting and colour. 90% of the time setting conforms alongside with teh narrative’s lyrics, however sometimes in disjunctional videos thi sis ignored

For example if the music video is set outside on a street  with hoods and dark clothing , it can portray violence or death; as shown in AKON ‘LOCKED UP’ set in a prison cell. Compared to a house party like BEP ‘I gotta Feeling’ with bright lights and plenty of high heels sets the mood as fun and happy.

Characterisation will often display the artist themselves due to the fact they will want to create a star image for promotional reasons, however the concept of the characterisation could change. For example in EMINEM’S ‘STAN’ music video, Shady is dressed as himself and a double to show his past obsession with himself and others to complete the look to a very high standard to engage the audience and provide entertainment.


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