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Introduction June 24, 2011

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Upon completion of my AS level Opening Sequence i am now preparing to plan, research, film and edit together a Music Video (MVS) for my A2 coursework.

To start off i will define what a MVS is according to directors, critics and my own personal opinions.

A video taped performance of a newly released popular song, noramlly accompanied by a dance sequence or  fragmented narrative. Used as an promotional tool to attract audience 

A music video is a short film which is produced to present a visual representation of a popular song. MVS are primiliary a marketing device intended to promtote the sales of the song itselfs. Alan Durant has criticized music video’s tendencies for glittery escapism, musical portraiture which , may fix currencies of sounds, but may also close eyes to musice seen more broadly as practise


A videod taped or rendition of an recored song , often portraying the musician(s) themselves performing the song or using visual imagery interpreting the lyrics.


A performance on film or videotape of a musical recording accompanied by synchronized actions, such as a dramatic interpretation of the lyrics or a series of, sometimes surreal, images


Music Videos are an art form that a record by an label hired director(s) to shoot, featuring 90% of the time the artist or band. Deliberatley coinciding with the singles release to act as an promotional ( COMMIFICATION – turning something into a commidity to generate cash) tool in a aim to bring extended pleasure to the audience. If a video grows teduis when it plays on music channels the audience will change channel and asscoiate the song with the video causing an lack of general public interest in the song.


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