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How to Analysis a Music Video June 24, 2011

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In order to textually analysis a Music Video you must consider:

  • Relation ship between lyrics and Visuals (Illustrational technique, by taking the lyrics literally and filming scenes matching the lyrics)
  • Grain of Voice
  • Representation (Costumign of teh artist e.g. 50CENT in bling, flash cars and huge fur jackets and baseball caps)
  • Genre/Style (Does the video match the genre, house party wouldn’t suit a indie band music video)
  • Realtionship between Music and Visuals
  • Iconography (Objection of attention e.g. the artist or logo of band like the “TAKE THAT” Double-T logo, being centre of attention)
  • Star Motifs and Construction(Repitition of an image e.g. the artist and the dominating theme)
  • Intertextuality (The shaping of texts through other texts, a story with 2 meanings and can be interpretted differntly so teh viewer is told what to think this is very succesful in media and peopel can have differnt opinion son teh same MVS) 

However ypu first need to dicover what the actual attartcion of an MVS is to it’s audience. The Physchological process of visualing images this is refered to as :


This refers to the theory of ROLAND BARTHES who believes the singer in the band on screen is the most important thing that features in a music video. And the majoirty of shots should be close-ups to concentrate on the artist’s grain of voice and maintain all of the audience’s attention on the singer.He believes teh singer’s image sells, its teh singe rall of teh girls scream for he/she is teh figure head of the band’s success. Even in this BAND PHOTO the lead singer CHESTER BENNINGTON is infront of all others this supports ROLAND’s belief and  ideology.



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