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Genre Conventions June 24, 2011

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There are  convention involved in MVS,



This genre originated in teh 1970’s and was a symbol of the ‘negro’ communities in NYC, the cliche singing around a bin on fire. Similiar to all over genres they follow teh convention 4/4 structure. Unless rapping such as 50CENT he develops his own structure stylings.

The singer themselves always remain centre of attention and females flockign around them. representation is always used eccentrically i.e. LADY GAGA wearing huge hats and loads of unusually coloured make-up and skimpy clothing to catch the audiences attention. JEFF RICHARDS head of MTV advertising is qouted “SEX SELLS


MVS consist alot of parties in mansion with women in bikinis dancing with each other and brand new sporst cars when the artists such as 50CENT feature in the chorus. In  every scene the artist in dressed in  plenty of bling.Plenty of camera attention upon the females and upon the bling this is becasue it looks athesetically pleaisng on teh camera and to teh audience, these are the 2 things males want women and cars. A working mans dream world this is why its so effective in tehi genre for escapism.


music videos are  mainly low budget due to that genre of song never beign HUGE globally and target a niche audience. These features then tend to consists of mainly live performances and band members sitting down and jamming.With camear attention upon teh instrument playing along to the track, this is used to sort of make teh aduince feel as if they are there withteh band. Also to reintroduce authenticity however becasue we know they are miming this is calles realsim back into teh music video make teh viewer see it as a live performance. 


Originally called ‘Independant Music’, song usually published by an individual wihtout using a record label. This is why there is little advertising, success and cash witihin this genre’s industry. They are mostly disjunctional.


MVS have the tendency to show the band members seperatly performing their instruments and feature live performances, showing the common mosh pits and dark clothing and a sea ofscreamign girls again to bring back the convention of realsim and make teh audience feel as if the music is live and not mimed. Gets the fan involved and sort of involved in the band.


Rock originated  in the 40’s formerly know asrock and roll’ in which it then eventually developed in the UK and USA by 1960 to become the rock genre as we know. Rock can know be split into sub-gneres such as ‘Folk rock’ and ‘Pop rock. The performance usually consisted of a bass guitar, electric guitar and a drum kit. Usually a rock song is in the 4/4 format with a verse and chorus structure – a slightly faster beat than typical pop songs in general and feature alot harsher sounds.

R & B:

Ryhtm & Blues MVS are mostly narrative based to tell a story to the audience and are highly repititive usually relaying a dance sequence. A human convention is the ‘FRY’ dialisis of teenagers now having short attention spans which he believes are due to the repetitiveness of MVS to keep teh attention of the viewer and stop them thinking about anything other than teh women dancing on screen.Because this is teh modern day favourite genre there is huge money to be spent of MVS to promote the song, which is why there is loads of women dancing in bikinis to attrcat the male audience.

This huge money involved is relayed into teh videos with artists wearing huge gold chains and designer gear along with teh falsh cars.


Again originalting in teh 40’s which evolved alongside with rock and roll again coming from the African American slums became a huge hit in 80’s. Originally the beat would remain teh same throughout to accomodate the aspects of jazz and rock and roll. Singers such as CHIPMUNK and 50CENT & THE GAME use this time to illustrate theiri journey from the slums to the TOP,giving off a differnt image of themselves to teh audience.



Is a free range area because these song are just mixed in studios and consist of liitle lyrics and rarely relayed in albums there is little money involved making the creation of MVS unlikly. However MVS that do exist e.g. PARTY ROCK features dance sequences and street dancing and a lot of bouncing and cut aways to random settings. Causing textual schizophrenia, by making it cool to teh audience then the video will boost the audience’s interest in teh song and boost sales.


This catergory is a huge hit with teh younger generations as its the number 1 genre in pubs and clubs. Surprisingly the first hearing of dance music which remotely ressembles teh genre today was in teh 1920’s when ballroom dancing was customary to everyone. However the1970’s to 80’s were when the dance genre began to develop into what it is today. Dance tracks are mainly played in nightclubs and at parties due to their extensively consistent and fast paced beat, in which people can dance to. They mainly consist of digital and electronic instruments at a speed of 80 to 160 beats per minute.
Dance music videos often consist of the main artist taking the full stage, or a group of dancers danc to the song either in a club or sexually poised with women wearing few clothes due to the fact that again ‘Sex sells’. 

(MTV interview with SHAMROCK studios) All this information is useful to my research now i have a checklist of features that i need to include to make my MVS seem as professional as its predeccesors.


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