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This is similar to repeatability in ways in which the music video lyrics have a strong place within the video, in which develop into wider symbolism of lyrical meanings. However such as a disjunctional video it useds techniques that consist of abstarction but maintaining the link to the lyrics into the narrative as though the video is drawing a picture of each verse or phrase, as though the video is symbolising the audio.

Amplification is seen to create a partition between the other two techniques, in the way that the lyrics still have profound effect on what we see, rather than the abstract disjuncture. This technique is used in , using
the tape to symbolise the lyrics. Such as ED SHEERAN “DON’T NEED YOU” where the main character for the majority of the song peforms sign language to the camera direct, so indirectly the song takes the lyrics literally.


What I’ve chosen:

I’ve decided to create a Disjunctional video becasue i dont have to worry about lyrics too much and think of ideas that relate to teh song giving me a free raneg of my video’s content


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